1. Do Roundell rubbers have less spin than Tibhar Genius?

    I just changed my rubbers from Tibhar Genius to Butterfly Roundel, and to me it seems that Roundell rubbers has less spin the Genius or maybe is just my impression from changing the hardness of rubbers (soft to hard with high tension)
  2. Dignics 09c vs Sanwei Target National new version vs Jupiter 3 Asia vs DHS 8-80 for FH on TB ALC blade

    Looking for a replacement to D09c. I love the rubber, but I find it’s not that long lasting and it’s really expensive. So I’ve been looking at other hybrid rubbers with that tacky top sheet to decrease the slippage I feel with an older D09c, but I am still concerned about shifting away from the...
  3. Does anyone know what is Rozena cut weight on Petr Korbel?

    Does anyone know what is Rozena cut weight on Petr Korbel or any blade 158×152 mm? Sorry, I googled, but I couldn't find the answer. Hope someone who uses this setup could share a quick answer.

    An introductory blade Jun Mizutani supervised Jun Mizutani supervised the creation of this blade. His main desire was to design something that would help players improve and gain new skills leading to increased enjoyment of the sport. It was designed to make it easy for the ball to travel in...
  5. Butterfly CYPRES G-MAX - Rubber suggestions!!

    Dear TTD, I have been struggling immensely with my combination of the Cypress G-Max blade and the Donic Bluestorm Z1 Turbo (Max-Red) - and today, after losing 4 of 6 matches in tournament, I also lost my temper and in frustration ripped of the rubber… The combination, on paper, should be...
  6. LF: Butterfly Innerforce ZLC

    Looking for an older Butterfly Innerforce ZLC.
  7. Butterfly Tenergy 19

    Japan make announcement https://www.butterfly.co.jp/product/tenergy/19.html Faster than Tenergy by the diagrams. March release
  8. Best Rubbers to start with Butterfly Innerforce Layer ALC Blade

    I have recently purchased Butterfly Innerforce Layer ALC Blade (FL) along with two mark V (Max) rubbers and two palio Cj 8000 2mm rubbers. 1. For a good intermediate level player, which rubbers out of these would be best in terms of developing and learning the game before moving on advanced...
  9. Butterfly Viscaria with Stiga handle??? Interesting join-venture!

    I read about but I never seen it for sale: https://www.prott.vip/Product-Details.aspx?productcode=VS Seems to be an official blade... That is an interesting join-venture of Butterfly and Stiga for China National team.
  10. Butterfly Viscaria poor quality control checking??? (lens issue)

    Hi there! I just bought a Viscalia and I seen that the lens is inserted into the handle in an uneven way. As can be seen in the photo, the right side (as in photo) is recessed more than the left side. For sure, the blade is not a fake. It was bought from the local Butterfly store. This is an...
  11. Butterfly Amicus Start help

    Butterfly Amicus Basic help problem solved, please delete this thread (I can only edit)
  12. Butterfly Old Catalogue 1990s-2000s

    I was browsing for some old catalogues from this website here: https://forum.tennis-de-table.com/t/photos-de-vieux-catalogues-butterfly/33587/19 There's a catalogue from 1992 (i think) that shows some rubbers back then. There, I saw what seems to be the original versions of Feint Long and...
  13. What rubbers to use for good control and top spin on Butterfly Schlager OFF+ Tamca 50

    Hello! I am an intermediate player. Have used Butterfly Schlager OFF+ Tamca 5000 Carbon ST with Sriver on FH and Vario on BH for some time because the speed was too high to control initially. I want to change these rubbers and would like to know what would be a good switch for FH and BH. I have...
  14. Butterfly Rubber matrix question.

    I was looking in a butterfly sales book and there was a rubber matrix graph in there. But on that rubber chart it stated that Tenergy05,05FX,05 Hard are all the same speed and spin. Same for Tenergy 80 and 80fx etc. How can this be the Tenergy 05 has 3 different hardness's and according to...
  15. Butterfly Mizutani Zlc super info

    Hi everyone ,I would like some advice please. I recently purchased a Mizutani Zlc Super blade ,how do I go about finding out whether or not it is genuine? Look forward to your advice.
  16. Do you think Butterfly will bring out Dignics FX versions?

    Hi all, hope your keeping safe during these tough times. I was just curious if any of you lot think butterfly will release any Dignics FX versions such as 05fx, 80fx etc? THanks for any replies in advance;)
  17. WTS Innerforce AL / Joyner Hinoki OFF / alot of butterfly rubbers

    Hey folks. I have 2 x Innerforce AL ( ST and FL ) Jonyer Hinoki OFF Donic Bloodwood Senso Tibhar Revolt Andro Kinetic CF Titanium alot of used rubbers. I rated them in B and C grade. B is played but still good grip. Useable for matches. C is played much but still good for beginners/kids...
  18. [Butterfly] Super ZLC ... Help :(

    Hey folks! I really cant decide between the new Harimoto super ZLC or the Mizutani or the Zhang Jike. I´ve tested the Mizutani once and I really noticed the improved sweet spot. Really liked this. They say the Harimoto is slower but offers more control. Im a strong attacking player in close /...
  19. The most suitable rubber with Butterfly Viscaria

    I am trying to adapt with Butterfly Viscaria blade and found that tenergy 05 fx is a good fit in backhand.However, tenergy 05 or 05 fx is not suitable at all in forehand, may be tenergy 05 hard would serve the purpose.However, due to high price and non availability in my place I am interested...
  20. Xiom Tau II vs. Butterfly Aibiss

    Xiom Tau II versus Butterfly Aibiss Rubber Comparison Xiom Tau II Weight: 74 grams uncut Speed: Off to Off+ Hardness: 55 degrees Topsheet: Tacky Butterfly Aibiss Weight: 77 grams uncut Speed: Off to Off+ Hardness: approx. 60 to 62 degrees ESN Scale. Topsheet: Semi-tacky...