1. What is CHN?

    I was watching chinese youtube (bilibili) about some tt stuff and there was some very long videos 1h+ about something called CHN and I guess it is about chinese team products does someone truly knows what it is? I dont want to watch whole 1 hour video
  2. Lesson for Backhand Topspin by CHN Coach

    Jus a few minues, Updated for Backhand Topspin by this lesson from Chinese Coach
  3. vs Ex-CHN National Team Player

    Match Against Ex-Chinese National Team Player "Wu Jie"
  4. CHN Men vs Women - practice before WTTC 2019 in Autria (longer version)

    I've watched some short videos about it on Facebook and found a longer version here. Just share again, sooooo interesting!!! Wang Manyu got 2 points against Lin Gaoyan.
  5. Backhand Rally Level-up with CHN coach

    Backhand Rally Training with Chinese coach and then level-up dramatically? Really?
  6. Why is CHN TT stroing? : Basic Skills

    Basic & Basic Training in China
  7. vs Chinese Cutie Coach (CHN Penholder) Cutie Face, But Merciless Table Tennis from HER! Please enjoy this match video!
  8. Impact of Backhand Topspin with CHN Coach How to improve the impact for Backhand Topspin? Very Short Video, but helpful to you with my wish.
  9. [LHTT #72_CHN Coach Lesson] Forehand Flick Part1
  10. [LHTT #71_CHN Coach Lesson] Footwork Training
  11. [LHTT #70_CHN Coach Lesson] Always Starting with Basic Skills in China
  12. [LHTT #67_Etc] Wonderful Basic Skills by CHN Players
  13. [LHTT #66_CHN Coach Lesson] All Round Playing
  14. [LHTT #65_CHN Coach Lesson] Free Style Lesson
  15. [LHTT #62_CHN Coach Lesson] Flick and Random Play
  16. [LHTT #56_CHN Coach Lesson] The Latest CHN Backhand Topspin
  17. [LHTT #54_CHN Coach Lesson] By Coach's Body Language
  18. [LHTT_#48_CHN Coach Lesson] CHN Uncle's Practice Game

    [LHTT_#48_CHN Coach Lesson] CHN Uncle's Practice Game
  19. [LHTT #45_Match in China] Against Former CHN National Team Player #2
  20. [LHTT #44_Match in China] Against Former CHN National Team Player #1