1. SARS-CoVID-2/ CoVID-19/ CoronaVirus: Information Only from Well Informed Members

    So, I just want this to be clear. I closed the last 2 threads on the Novel CoronaVirus Pandemic as it seemed that each, at some point went off into unsubstantiated territory. Nevertheless, with this global crisis, I still feel, having useful information on the subject available to our members...
  2. SARS-CoV-2; CoVID-19; Coronavirus; Updates and Information

    This thread is for information on the spread of CoVID-19. Please do your best to keep this A-Political and about information on the science of the coronavirus pandemic and things that can mitigate spread. Ideally the information is forward looking and not about casting blame or hashing out...
  3. World Championships 2020 | Postponed

    The ITTF has made the decision to postpone the 2020 World Table Tennis Championships due to the outbreak of the COVID-19 virus also known as Coronavirus. The event that was originally due to take place on 22nd – 29th March has now been provisionally moved to 21st – 28th June. Fan Zhendong vs...
  4. Novel coronavirus

    can u get the virus from if u buy equipement from china ? e.g blades, rubbers, oils , glues , balls , tables is it true or not? coz my forehand rubber and blade i can only get it from china so im not sure atm :confused:
  5. Coronavirus impact on TT clubs

    I think I have to stop going to my local club for a few months as I am afraid of getting the bugs. How about you guys?