1. Why do people say LP's should be banned?

    I keep seeing on many forums people that hate lp's and want them banned. They think that they have an unfair advantage and that they require no skill to use. Personally I've played against many lp blockers and defenders and I've never had an issue. So why do so many people hate them? Are they...
  2. How to choose long pips?

    Hello everybody, This is my first post in this forum. I hope I’m posting this in the right section and in the right way. I love long pips and recently I got the chance to test one from Sauer and Tröger. Due I didn’t know which one to choose, I decided to do this creative video about what I...
  3. best classical defence blade

    thinking of switching from modern to classic defence. going to buy a tsp triplespin chop and tsp curl p1r but im stuck on blade choice. i dont really mind if its that pricey as its a birthday present.
  4. FS: AMAZING Condition Black Tag Butterfly Defence II Blade - ST Handle

    Hi guys, I have for sale my Black Tag Butterfly Defence II ST Table Tennis Blade! It is in amazing condition as it has been completely refurbished to the highest quality! The blade is like new! It also comes with it's original box! Please follow the link below:-...
  5. Butterfly Defence II

    Hey guys Well I'm looking for butterfly defence II. Maybe someone has it and ready to sell?
  6. Two Tibhar blades Stratus Power Defence vs. Techno Power Contact and Donic Alligator

    First of all - sorry for my poor english. I want to share impressions from the blades that I've tried. I am trying to play in modern defence style, attacking on FH: Xiom Omega V Europe 2.1 mm, defence on BH Tibhar Grass D.TecS 0.5 mm long pips. My lavel of playing? I take private lessons with...
  7. The technique of chopping.

    Hello, im new in this site.Currently, I play as modern defender and sometimes I struggle with my chops. I spin and block on the forehand side and I chop on the backhand. Can you give me some tips regarding the technique of chopping in general? Thanks in advance.
  8. Wanted-second hand inverted defence rubbers (under 1.5 in thickness)

    Im not sure how this is done here as i have just joined.I am wanting to buy second hand inverted rubbers that are under 1.5mm thickness. I cant find any on e bay and im not really wanting to pay silly money buying new.Uk only please.I do not mind paying up front for the rubber as i trust you...
  9. LF: Butterfly Defence Alpha ST

    hello, I am looking fot Butterfly Defence Alpha ST. Please pm me if selling :D
  10. I'd like to buy Butterfly defence II blade

    msg me in priv or write here, thanks
  11. Which long pimples for modern defence?

    Guys, I need some help. In April I changed to Grass d.TecS 1.2mm from Curl P1r 1.0mm - my results with both have been mixed, although I would say perhaps marginally better with the TSP, but they've been good with both. So, which would your recommend? P1r or dtecs? NB I play grass DTecs on a...