1. Favourite piece of new equipment 2019?

    In 2019, I didn´t change my rubbers - I did test the new R53 which is even spinnier than my R47, just not when I play with it, must be activated by better players ;) I also changed from carbon to all-wood, yet although my blade is new on the market in 2019, that is not a radical improvement over...
  2. Name your favourite TT player!

    Name your favourite male TT player! Hi guys! I was just curious about what are your favourite table tennis players! Please vote on this poll and, if you want to, reply with other players you like! My favourite is Hugo Calderano! :D Thanks!
  3. What's your favourite shots/points of 2017?

    Hey guys! I'm currently working on a new top 10 video, what are your favourite shots or points of 2017? Love to hear your thoughts! Of course there is this topic, any shots/points missed out?
  4. I get to meet my favourite player Ruwen Filus this weekend!!!!!

    Hi everyone, I cannot contain my excitement any longer. This coming weekend I am attending a TT training camp in Frankfurt in Germany which is being run/coached by Thomas Keinath and my favourite player Ruwen Filus!!! Ruwen is my TT idol and has been for many years after watching him play even...
  5. Most common/favourite Chinese provincial blade?

    I'm not sure whether anyone on this forum would be able to answer this question; to my knowledge there is a reasonable number of Viscaria's as well as a large number of players also adapting Ma Long's style of play and thus using a W968 or on a Hurricane Long 5. I was hoping there might be...
  6. Favourite Table Tennis Player

    In your opinion who is your favourite table tennis player. My table tennis player has to be the one and only Jan-Ove Waldner. :D
  7. andro Competition - Vote your favourite

    Hi all, andro are currently running a competition over at their Facebook page. Over the last few months andro have finalised 5 nominees who have a chance to become the andro model of 2016. If you vote you go into a prize draw where andro are giving away 3 PROTRAVEL ROLLBAG II trolleys, 10 PEAK...
  8. Favourite Table Tennis Player of 2014?

    Who has been your favourite player of 2014? I see a lot of discussions about favourite player of all time. For you, who has been your best player of the year and for what reasons? This year I have enjoyed Dimitrij Ovtcharov, I thought he was brilliant at the World Team Championships and has...
  9. What is your favourite brand?

    My favourite brand is Butterfly. I find their quality to be very high and consistent which easily justifies their prices for me... Anyway, what is your favourite?
  10. What's your favourite blade/rubber

    What's your favourite blade/rubber/ball/table post what your fav blade/rubber/ball/table is below!:p
  11. Who is your favourite table tennis player?

    Hey guys, I'm new here on TTD! I just wanted to ask you which player you like most. ;-) My favourite player is JOO SE HYUK! :-) Now, tell me! :D ttPoster (I'm on Youtube too, check out the link below! ;-))
  12. Favourite player video thread

    Hi guys! Since we all have our favourite players and we usually see them play via internet streaming or video's, I though I could make a thread about this :) Do you remember the first video you saw from a player that made you like him? Post it here! This can also be an interview, documentary...
  13. What's your favourite table tennis video of all time?

    Everyone has one, what's a match you could watch over and over again and why? Image courtesy of makefive.
  14. What is your favourite forehand rubber?

    - 1 or 2 of your all time favourite forehand rubber(s) (after ban of speed glue) - Style(for attacker / for defender) - Blade(for wood / for composite) - Price($ - cheap / $$ - average / $$$ expensive) [personal / market preference] No matter your skill level is. No matter how long you have...
  15. Who's your favourite chopper?

    So who is your favourite chopper of all time? Mine is joo se hyuk, what about all of you guys?
  16. Your favourite football players?

    I know...this is a TT forum, but I am curious to know who your favourites of all time are. I like Roberto Carlos and Roberto Rivelino. IMO, these 2 Robertos can bend it better than Beckham. But before you English fans slam me, my favourite goalkeeper is Gordon Banks. :)
  17. Your favourite video ???

    Which is your favourite video (tabletennis of course) ??? I like this vid :D:D:D