1. Donic Baracuda / Tibhar Genius alternative with less catapult

    Are there any newer generation Rubber like Donic Barracuda oder Tibhar Genius? I know Xiom Vega X or TSP Super Ventus. All the newer rubber have a lot of spin when you hit right and brush good. But most the time i use to much force and i play with more speed then spin. I found it a lot harder...
  2. TT Genius Girl Ishikawa Kasumi Japanese Table Tennis Player : Ishikawa Kasumi A short film of Kasumi's TT Life
  3. Tibhar Genius (vs Donic Baracuda)

    hey guys, as already outed Baracuda fanboy they say the Tibhar is similar but due to a softer topsheet it's less sensitive to incoming spin with a bit of sacrifice in terms of spin and throw. also the Tibhar should be better in half-distance play but also strong near table. i would like to...
  4. Tiber Genius Upgrade?

    Can anyone help? This is my first ever forum so go easy! I and happy with my Tibhar Genius and Genius Sound rubbers but they seem to becoming increasing hard to find and expensive. Any thoughts on an alternative? My blade is a Tibhar Stratus Power Wood. My style is offensive, looking to attack...
  5. Vladimir Samsonov - Calm Genius

    So here it is!!
  6. Tibhar Genius Series.

    Hello! I am curious about this rubber and the variants Tibhar makes about it and was wondering if you could help me with a good breakdown on each type. I've been playing with expensive rubbers and seeing how money is starting to become tight again, I can't keep purchasing an H3/T64 combo over...
  7. Genius Sound / Genius+ Optimum Sound

    Has anyone tried these rubbers? and maybe could compare to the original Genius. Or Nimbus Soft/Sound. Energy Xtra. Express 1/2. Tenergy 05/64 Thanks
  8. Tibhar Genius

    Hi members of this beautiful forum :D I want to test the Tibhar Genius 2.0 on my forehand but I'm not quite sure if I can deal with this rubber ... :D weird ... :D At the moment I'm playing a Sriver G3 2.1 on a Boll Forte but the G3 is very old now and I want to change .... Playing Style: With...