1. Glues

    I am a returner to TT and so far have used custom made bats put together by suppliers using commercially available blades. I have recently branched out by having a custom made blade to suit my requirements from the brilliant Hipnotic.This faces me with the dilemma of purchasing the rubbers...
  2. Best glues - Water Based or Latex Based

    Hi all, I've recently beed using a small package Free Chack II 90ml(Seller said me was latex based) and I had a bad experience while removing the glue. Before I used a 100ml pack of the same free chack II and that glue was so easy to remove. I've already used also the Stiga Power Attach(One...
  3. What glue do you use?

    Hey, I will glue on new rubbers soon, earlier I used Butterfly Free Chack and Donic Vario Clean. But now I haven't got any glue. Thanks for answers :)
  4. Table Tennis Glues

    Hi all, I was just wondering can certain glues affect how a rubber performs? Sorry in advance if that sounds like a stupid question:D
  5. Glues

    Hi guys, I wonder what glue is more viscous , and the best glue for table tennis rubber! I wonder what glue is more viscous , and the best glue for table tennis rubbers !I wonder what glue is more viscous , and the best glue for table tennis rubbers !I wonder what glue is more viscous , and the...
  6. Best speed glues?

    Hi guys, what are the best speed glues out there in your opinion? I tried Haifu Blue Whale II and Haifu Dolphin and they seemed quite good. Any other recommendations? Thanks
  7. Donic Glues

    Good morning, I need to buy some glue, i’m torn between the various Donic options. I know that there are a couple of glues better than these ones, but I would like to know your advise/opinion between Donic ones. Donic Vario Clean Donic Blue Contact Thank you
  8. Best GLUEs

    Hello everyone. I just need a little help about choosing a right glue. For me DHS no 15 is perfect, but it's really hard to get it and it's expensive. Does anyone know any similar glue that is cheaper, and where can I get it? The main thing is that it's densely and easy to remove. Thanks in...
  9. How to Use Waterbased Glues

    Ive Just got my new batch of Rubbers and Brought a Pot of Stiga Syncro BTG Glue. On the Tin it says apply the glue to both the sponge and the Blade Wait for Approx 4-8 Minutes Until its Transparent. After 8 minutes it was no where near Transparent How Long does it normally Take?
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