1. Yoo Nam Gyu and Seo Hyo Won doubles Exhibition Match vs Busan TTers

    Hi All, Some top level goofing off with Yoo Nam Gyu being the joker here. Yoo Nam Gyu asks for, and is granted a YELLOW CARD on himself for goofing off. Enjoy.
  2. WALDNER (Swe) vs YOO Nam Gyu (Kor) 1989 in Korea (IOC Cup Final)

    Great match to watch.
  3. Yoo Nam Gyu teaches Reverse serve and Shovel serves

  4. Yoo Nam Gyu teaching Smashng with a famous Korean TT vid creator

    YNG teaches smashing, then a spin 5 times and try to knock cups off table contest. Enjoy.
  5. Yoo Nam Gyu ('88 Olympic Champ) sez Serve Receive is IMPORTANT

    Here is a vid of YNG showing a city Div 1 player (who acts like he receives 5 levels below his level) (You would know if you see his youtube channel) Tak-Kyu. Subs are in Korean, but YNG is showing enough that a translation is not really needed.