1. Why do the table tennis rankings on the home page date back to 2016???

    Why do the table tennis rankings on the home page date back to 2016?
  2. An idea to train on any table at home

    I helped out a friend to use his existing table (4 x 2), PVC pipe and bedspread to train at home during lockdown. Do you guys have any recommendation's on how to improve this. The pre-requisite is having a configurable robot though. forehand, middle, forehand and backhand drill
  3. Training 10 years old son at home

    Coaching my 10 years old son at home Hello, I'm currently making good use of my garden table tennis, UK weather being merciful is allowing me to take a break from work-from-home and play TT with my 10 years old son almost every day. I was actually thinking of getting myself a robot.. but then I...
  4. Lockdown - Home Practice/Excercises

    In this current lockdown, how people are practice at home. Are there good drill videos which we can refer to improve off the table practice
  5. I have updated this game 43 times. Hope you'll enjoy playing it at home.

    https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.IanaaLimited.TableTennisRecraftedGenesisEdition2019&hl=en If you can't go out. Give me some comments too on how you want it next? Cheers. :)
  6. Needed dimensions for home table with robot

    Here in the US, and most places worldwide, Covid 19 is the single most item on everyone's mind. In Florida, all gyms and rec areas are closed leaving no place to play TT other than in homes. With the anticipation being the virus effect could last into the summer, I'm considering buying a table...
  7. Training with Xu Xin at home!

  8. Training Alone At Home! Why not?

    Training Alone At Home! Why not? | MLFM Table Tennis
  9. How to train at home (Backhand Flick and Topspin)

  10. [LHTT #64_Home Training] Lefty's Various Receive

  11. How i can Traning Table tennis service At home?

    Hey. how i can learn at home Table tennis service , because i had played a tournament and i lose 6 games with 3-0. My fault was that i make my mistakes in games. I have two quastions. The first how i can learn Table tennis service at home without a Table ? And the Second. How i can play fewer...
  12. Table Tennis | Home Workout Routine | 10 min

    Hi guys, i just created this short video. This routine helped me alot. Hopefully it will help you aswell. Hope you like it - good luck <3
  13. Advice On A Home Table

    Hi, I'm getting a table for my birthday, next month. It is likely to be a Butterfly Personal Rollaway, with a 19mm top. Would anyone reccomend it (Or any others). I, do need one since I CANNOT go to a club next year until exams finish. The price is roughly $600 US.
  14. Training overseas / away from home: Has anyone done or thought about it?

    Im working with a team, including Dan from TTD to create better opportunities for practicing table tennis abroad, traveling the world & having a lot of fun while doing it. Dan from TableTennisDaily and I have talked about this a lot during our training sessions and we'd love to hear about other...
  15. I found this blade at home - is it any good?

    I found an old blade like this in the photo, used and in not so good shape, no rubbers on it, just a red butterfly simbol in the handle and it says the model is Jonyer H. I have read about this blade But I cant find any information about the one I found. Is it any good? Does it worth to buy...
  16. Home Training

    Hi guys ! I just wanted to share a home video : me training with the best returnboard in the world :P :P ..... Ok jokes aside .... Maybe this place isn't a good place for training, or this big piece of wood isn't the best returnboard in the world, or I don't have the best equipment... But truly...
  17. kind of paint for home-made ping pong table

    Hello!!! does anyone knows what kind of paint i have to use to made my own table????? thanks....