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  • Thanks for the suggestion Splasher! I was going to try T05 just to see what is like to play with one, so far I’ve only borrowed friends one for shot times. Dignics is supposed do have a little less speed but more control, right? So maybe that would be good for me. I have a stronger BH so a classic Softer BH rubber sometimes feels wrong for me! I’m currently testing rasanter47 FH and to my surprise I really like it! So many options to get distracted by. I’ll try for now not to change blade at least, only problem is I like my Yasaka modded handle so much that I’m looking at the Darker and getting tempted to mod that one too... but it’s a lovely blade and I don’t want to mess it up yet!! Have fun buddy, nice chatting with you
    Not a problem at all Andre. I actually prefer the dignics on my bh as well. I'd advise you to get 2.1 sponge instead of thinner for more speed and power the top sheet of the dignics 05 is such that it keeps great control so going thinner is unnecessary in my opinion but I'm only speaking from experience. Also I believe your darker blade has hinoki which is soft and helps with control as well. Thanks for your consideration. Enjoy your blade!
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