1. Important: How Scammers Operate. Info from Baal on MyTT worth having on TTDaily Also

    Important: How Scammers Operate. Info from Baal on MyTT worth having on TTDaily Also This is a thread Baal made on MyTT. It is worth having this content here as well. Read content from Baal below or click the link to see the original thread on MyTT. Link to thread on MyTT...
  2. Yoo Nam Gyu ('88 Olympic Champ) sez Serve Receive is IMPORTANT

    Here is a vid of YNG showing a city Div 1 player (who acts like he receives 5 levels below his level) (You would know if you see his youtube channel) Tak-Kyu. Subs are in Korean, but YNG is showing enough that a translation is not really needed.
  3. Most Important thing in TT Lesson What's the most important thing in Table Tennis Lesson? I'd asked this to many Chinese Coaches and there is an answer in this video! Copy to Lula) One Day, You asked me this question. This is my answer to you!
  4. How important is serve variation?

    I've been playing for a few years now and I've noticed that during my matches I sometimes get in the habit of using a few serves during a match. The closer the score, the fewer serves I feel comfortable with using as I don't want service errors. Is it good to have a particular go to serve or...
  5. Liam Pitchford - speaks up about the important stuff
  6. Playing your best in important matches

    Yesterday’s match was garbage. I lost both and to be honest I think I am the better player both times but I only played a fraction of what I can. i know my strengths and weaknesses and this time it was not that my opponent did not let me play my best, it was just that I was wayyy too nervous...
  7. What's your opinion on important skills for playing Table Tennis?

    Good afternoon everyone :D , I once again started playing table tennis and in the future I plan to study sports science, meaning that I'll probably have a lot to do with movement and training sciences. So I was wondering, in your opinion, what is important for playing table tennis e.g. a...
  8. What is the most important part of the Forehand Topspin?

    Hey guys What do you guys think is the most important part of the forehand topspin? As for me it seems to change all the time. One day i think its the follow through up to the head, on another day its the back swing, then its the forearm snap and then its the right angle and kind of contact...
  9. How important is it that I sealed my Infinity VPS blade?

    Hello everyone I bought the Infinity VPS from Stiga about a year ago and now i want to change my rubbers. However, i have read that you were supposed to seal the blade before hand, which i didn't know ... Can anyone confirm that changing my rubber(unsealed) will break the top layer of the...
  10. Most important serve criteria

    What's most important when it comes to serving? -Spin -Placement (Depth) -Speed
  11. Summaries of important threads

    First of all I'd to thank all admins / mods / users of this great forum for their contributions and invested time, it's a pleasure to see that there are so many table tennis enthusiasts all over world. As the title suggests I'd like to see summaries of important threads which are suitable for...
  12. Important: Live Stream for China National Championships 2012

    Hey guys, Does anybody of you know where you can watch the 2012 China National Champmionships 2012? It would be great if somebody could answer! For the main discussion of the Chinese National Championships click here Photo: Patrick Tan
  13. Is muscle the most important?

    I thought western man have the strongest and richest muscle....... than Chinese? How come, the ones with the stronger muscles are not champion........?