1. Mima ITO japanese national team shirt

    Hello! I am interested in buying Mima ITO japanese national team shirt. Does anybody know where to get one?
  2. Mima Ito vs Ma Lin | Serve Challenge

    Mima Ito took on Ma Lin's Serve at the World Cup! Serve Challenge:
  3. Ito Mima at 5 years old

    This popped up in my YouTube feed. Ito at a Japanese variety show when she was 5. Interesting to see her character remained intact. 1:49, Ito going "your serve". Starts crying at 3:35.
  4. Mima Ito training with Liu Shiwen

    Has anyone seen this? I'm surprised these two are practicing with one another:
  5. LGL: Ito Has it Better because She's a Raw-Pips Player

    Another LGL's interview some time after the previous one.
  6. Mima Ito's short pip and Fast arc P1

    Price includes USA shipping ! Buy 2 get 5% off and buy 3 get 10% off Fastarc P-1:$36->$34 red 2.0mm 1pc Short pips: NIttaku Moristo Sp $33->$31 2.0 red 1pc Nittaku Moristo Sp-AX $36->$33 2.0 red ( more speed and spin as advs) 1pc
  7. Mima Ito taking the world by storm | Swedish Open 2018 | VLOG

    Hey guys, here's our latest VLOG from the 2018 Swedish Open! Featuring an incredible line up of the worlds best players in what was more of a World Championship level tournament. The Star or the show was the Chinese National Team killer Mima Ito who is now 12-5 in her last 17 matches against...
  8. Why did this point go to Ito not LSW? How did this point at 37:38 go to Ito? Isn't it LSW's point? Even the chinese coach thinks so... What am i missing?
  9. Li Sun: It's Time to Shift Our Thinking of Ito

    Starting this thread to get them all in one place since they sink quickly in the Swedish Open thread and who wants to dig through the entire thread.
  10. Dimitrij Ovtcharov training with Mima Ito 2018!

    New video has surfaced of Dimitrij Ovtcharov training with Mima Ito at the recent Korea Open! Thanks to TTD user Zeio for sharing. It makes an interesting video.
  11. What bats /rubbers do Mima Ito/ Mui Horano use

    Does anyone know what blades/ rubber combinations that the Japanese women use. ie. Mima Ito Mui Hirano etc.
  12. 2016 best moment for Ma Long and Ito Mima was kinda savage !!

    In an official ITTF video , Ma Long best moment was winning against JYS and seeing him CRY. Ito Mima on the other hand won some title with a very nasty net ball and and delved into celebrations without saying a word to her opponent.
  13. SENSATIONAL! 15 year old Mima Ito defeats Ding Ning at the 2016 Asia Olympic Qualifications!

    The spectacular Asian Qualification Tournament for Rio Olympics 2016 has commenced! Players throughout ASIA are competing for a place in the prestigious Rio Olympics. This morning on the 14th April Japan's Mima Ito caused the biggest upset of 2016 defeating reigning World Champion Ding Ning! You...