1. Video Interview w Timo Boll (17th June 2020)

    Had a great live interview with Timo today as part of my weekly interview series, thought some of you may enjoy this one! :)
  2. mistakes in june world ranking???

    http://results.ittf.link/index.php?option=com_fabrik&view=list&listid=69&Itemid=206 I think Ma Long previous ranking was 7 or 11, Niwa was in top 10 I think?
  3. Joo Se Hyuk 2019 June Playing in China!

    Looks like Joo is back! New rubber combo too I think anyone know if its just a color switch or some new rubbers?
  4. In June

    In June at TTmode.com Big news are hitting at TTmode.com in June. Something special. Follow us on facebook https://www.facebook.com/tabletennismode/ or twitter https://twitter.com/TableTennisMode
  5. Suggestions for tournament the last two weeks of june? (Vacation)

    Suggestions for a tournament in the period of the last two weeks of june? (Vacation) Hi! Me and my girlfriend are going to take a trip in the end of june. We both play table tennis and thinks it's really fun to play tournaments outside of Sweden. Last time we went to Norway for a weekend and...
  6. June World Rankings 2015

    The ITTF has published the new world rankings! These were released on June 6, 2015. All event results included in this ranking can be found here. Mima Ito enters World Top 10! Mima Ito, new World #9 in June 2015 - Photo by: xinhua.net Men's World Rankings 01 1 MA Long 02 2...
  7. Table Tennis World Magazine June 2014

    It has been uploaded!! http://saletabletennis.com/sharing-all-table-tennis-information/table-tennis-world-magazine-june-2014/
  8. June World Rankings 2014

    The ITTF has updated the rankings again! The new rankings were published on June 5, 2014. --- Rise of new talents after month of Challenge Series --- The past month gave some rest to the top players but there certainly was competition for the subtop. Three Challenge Series have been...
  9. (Early) June World Rankings 2013

    The ITTF has updated the rankings very early this time! The new rankings were published on May 21, 2013. According to ITTF's calendar, the next release will be July 1, 2013. --- Xu Xin remains World no.1 --- Although not winning the WTTC last week, Xu Xin still tops the World Rankings. All...
  10. June World Rankings 2012

    The ITTF have just released the latest World rankings! The rankings were published by the International Table Tennis Federation on Friday 1st June 2012. --- Zhang Jike is the new World number 1 --- Reigning World and World Cup Champion Zhang Jike is the new World number 1 for the very first...