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  • Thank you Steven! Much appreciated! Thanks for all your great contributions to the site! :)
    Glad you like it Steven! Gives a very ncie feel doenst it! :) I will have a different banner per World Tour and events to keep everything up to date :)

    Glad you like it buddy
    Hi Steven how are you?

    would you be make the August Ranking thread by any chance? Just I have no time at the mo.

    Hope your well
    Best regards

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    Oh yeah very true Steven! Thanks for that, what would I do without you! :)

    I cannot wait for this Pro Tour! Excited! :)
    Thanks for letting me know Steven :)

    I have lots of room now :) ... Thanks so much for the help ill keep you posted :).. Japan Open soon to! Crazy! But love it! :)
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