1. Lefty Magicians : Xu Xin vs Lin Gaoyuan (FANCAM)

  2. [LHTT #64_Home Training] Lefty's Various Receive

  3. Two lefty combination in a Doubles match

    Hi Community members, Can you please share your experiences and tips on how two left-handed players can become an effective winning combination in doubles. I have chance to partner with a very good player in doubles, but the issue is that we both are left-handed. During our match play, we were...
  4. How to return long pure side spin Tomahawk serve to the BH as a Lefty

    How to return long pure side spin Tomahawk served to my BH as a Lefty Hi im a Left handed player and I'm having difficulties returning the pure long sidespin Tomahawk serve (from a righty) to my BH. My BH loop is not perfect and I usually step around to take the service but is there a safer way...
  5. How to play against a Lefty

    Guide to how one should play against the lefty. I didn't write this but I follow the blog and perhaps this could help other people as well :) https://thoughtsontabletennis.wordpress.com/2015/02/12/playing-against-lefties/ I have copied the summary below: [NOTE: There is much more info on the...
  6. Trouble against a lefty

    Hi there, I am right-handed player and I always face some difficulty while playing against a left handed player in a game. Somehow my tactics don't work and I loose the points. Even worse I start to become defensive which is not at all my style when loosing points against a lefty. What should...