1. Lin Jun-Yu Super ZLC, Ovtcharov Innerforce ALC and Franziska Innerforce ZLC!!!

    Just looked through Butterfly's website and accidently found some information on these fantastic blades. It seems like they haven't put them on their store yet... Enjoy!
  2. Mima Ito vs Ma Lin | Serve Challenge

    Mima Ito took on Ma Lin's Serve at the World Cup! Serve Challenge:
  3. Layers of following Blades Lin Gaoyuan ZLC and SZLC, Harimoto Innerforce ZLC and SZLC

    Hi, Do anybody know the Layers of following Blades: Lin Gaoyuan ZLC and SZLC, Harimoto Innerforce ZLC and SZLC Do any of this blades use Limba ?? Take Care! Ray
  4. Ma Lin series

    I play with pg7 with h3neo on ph and a palio cj800o and I was thinking of getting a new blade to play with my h3neo and maybe switch the bh rubber, and I saw some malin blades for a good price and the options were Ma Lin carbon, soft carbon, hard carbon, extra special and extra offensive and I...
  5. Butterfly introduces Lin Gaoyuan ZLC and SZLC Blades Butterfly introduces new Lin Gaoyuan ZLC and Lin Gaoyuan Super ZLC blades, as Zhang Jike starts to get pushed out from branding as as now retired player. I find this to be a strange decision as LGY's time as a CNT mainstay could be...
  6. Adam Bobrow vs World no. 7 Lin Yun-Ju

    First video
  7. Yasaka Ma Lin Carbon

    Yasaka Ma Lin Carbon ;)
  8. LF: Yasaka Ma Lin Soft Carbon

    Hey, I want to buy a Yasaka Ma Lin Soft Carbon prefer flared handle! pm me please
  9. Lin Yun Ju Shirt

    Hi all, did anyone know where its possible to buy his shirt?
  10. Is Yasaka Ma Lin Carbon better???

    Im thinking about if Yasaka Ma Lin Carbon is better than Fextra 7 wood??? Sometimes i miss sweetspot on the Fextra 7 wood. My thoughts are that Ma Lin Carbon is better in blocking
  11. Adam Bobrow vs Lin Gaoyuan...

    camera angle could be better imho...
  12. Yasaka Ma Lin Carbon blade

    Hello, I was wondering how the Ma Lin carbon blade might compare to a viscaria or hurricane long 5 or anyother blades that might be worth mentioning.
  13. Stiga Carbonado 290 and Yasaka Ma Lin Soft Carbon

    Selling Stiga Carbonado 290 and Yasaka Ma Lin Soft Carbon Hello, i am selling a Stiga Carbonado 290 in flare. It weights 89g. I only tested it once and it is in a perfect condition. I thought about 140 Euros basis for negotiation, so we can talk about the price. And a Yasaka Ma Lin Soft Carbon...
  14. Analyzing Ma Lin's Serve?

    Hi, are there any good videos that show Ma Lin's serving form and mechanics? Most of the slow motion analysis videos only show his 'ghost-serve', and I'm wondering if there are any other resources I could refer to for improving my serves as a penholder. Any other resources for a penhold serve...
  15. Lefty Magicians : Xu Xin vs Lin Gaoyuan (FANCAM)
  16. Who is Lin Gaoyuan coach? (photo)

    Please, let me know, who is Lin Gaoyuan coach on China Open 2018? Liu Guozheng?
  17. Epic Review Yasaka Rakza X / Rakza 9 / MA Lin Carbon blade

    Hello! I make a review video of YASAKA Razka 9 vs Rakza X on Ma Lin Carbon blade. Hope You will like the video. Thank You!
  18. Butterfly announces Lin Gaoyuan their new sponsored player

    Hi TTD. Butterfly just announced that LGY has joined the Butterfly family. They are also stating that he is using the new T05 Hard on his backhand. Here is the link Courtesy of
  19. Which blade used MA Lin?

    Hello, I'm new in the forum and I'm a huge Ma Lin fan. I know he stopped playing table tennis in 2013 but he was one of the best tennis players. I'm very interested in his blade. I really want to know what blades he used. I read that he first used the Yasaka Gatien Extra and changed then to...
  20. Two HUGE losses for Lin Gaoyuan. What will this mean?

    The World Table Tennis Cup is currently being played and Lin G, has suffered his second loss from a winning position! Lin, played in both the World Championship and World Cup this year and on both occasions he was leading vs Xu Xin and Timo Boll; 10-5 and 10-4 in the last but managed to lose...