1. Dealing with short, fairly high balls that appear half long

    Hey. A ball I somewhat struggle with is the occasional short, high ball that barely hits the edge. I don't get these too often when playing people my level, but against worse players, against whom I use less speed and spin, they're more common. You see similar stuff even in high level play, but...
  2. New 2016: Ma Long - Rio Olympic Training!

    *NEW* Ma Long - Rio Olympic Training (Include Multiball)
  3. Discussion :Short Term and Long Term goal in your Table Tennis

    Hi guys, I thought it would be a good idea to start a discussion about our immediate and long term goals in the sport of Table Tennis. As the community is full of exciting, passionate Table Tennis lovers, I hope that a lot of interesting stories could come out. If there are no immediate goals...
  4. Question: What makes Ma Long's strokes so Unique?

    Question: What makes Ma Long's strokes so Unique, Powerful, Precise from all others? Hi Guys, I am pondering over this question for some time. I couldn't answer it on my own on why his FH strokes are so powerful. Hisability to recover also seems very fast from those full body strokes, How is it...
  5. all long serves!!!!

    and none of them gets attacked..... :eek:
  6. OX Long Pips vs Sponge LP for Close to Table Blocking/Hitting

    Is there a normal preference for either using OX or sponged LP for close to the table blocks? Advantages/disadvantages of each one? I've seen conflicting accounts on the topic. Some say OX gives more control, and others say the sponge helps slow the ball down for even more control... I'm looking...
  7. Dhs Hurricane Long 5 vs Bty Viscaria

    Hello everyone I am a professional table tennis player from India and I am really confused between dhs Hurricane Long 5 and Bty Viscaria . My game is open and attack with topspin. I play only with poly balls 40+. I want to know which is better for an offensive player who likes an attacking game...
  8. Zhang Jike and Ma Long training HD

    I've not seen this before but stumbled across it on youtube. It is fairly old I think but nevertheless, excellent footage of the worlds best players. Part 1: Part 2:
  9. Ma Long TRAINING

  10. how to raid a long-distance ball 1:Malong teached you how to make it

    today I would like to share a long-distance service from World ranking No.1 player Malong. Malong here would teach you how to raid a long-distance serving ball.
  11. How to punish long serves

    What do you do against long serves, meaning they only bounce once on your side and are mostly fast? I have problems agaisnt those, maybe because my trainings partner almost only serves short or half short. And if i tell him he should serve long they aren't what I have problems with, if that...
  12. FS/FT: Hurricane Long 3 FL

    Selling Hurricane long 3 fl90g Lightly sealed Can be sold with two dead sriver g3s if wanted, was originally purchased from the tabletennisdaily forum. I used it for 1 season in the second league in the UK however is much too fast for me/am considering turning over to pen-hold because i find it...
  13. Ma Long 16 years old!

    Ma Long at the age 16 against Chen Qi in the Chinese Super League 2005
  14. Blade or rubber when trying to get more control on Long Pip chopping?

    Hi everyone, I'm currently trying to figure out how to get more control when I'm chopping with long pimples. Is it blade or rubber? I use the Joo se hyuk blade and Hellfire Long pimples. When I get into a rally I chop well, however I find that if come up against someone who loop drives...
  15. Ma Long Training 2016

    New footage of Ma Long training at the Chinese National Training Center this year!