1. Help choosing blade!

    Hello! I need help to find a penhold blade. I have been asking around in the forums but it's not right and so I wanted to make a proper thread and see what comes out of it. A few months ago I bought a stiga azalea off (jttaa) cpen, 87grams. It's very heavy for me and end up with a sore wrist...
  2. Penhold weight

    Hello, I have a Stiga Azalea Offensive cpen weighing 87g (jttaa version, hence the extreme weight). I have put on it a dawei 388a-4 and a fastarc g1 that I had laying around but are hard to play. It's a bit heavy too, I've no idea how heavy the g1 is, but the dawei is 51 or 52 grams when cut...
  3. J-pen single hinoki ply questions

    I went to a sports shop in taipei and there was some 1 ply taiwanese hinoki handmade jpen blades and I want to buy one, but I have some questions. 1.How do you choose a good hinoki blade looking by the wood feeling when hitting a ball and appearence? 2.Which type of rubber is good to go with...
  4. J-Pen blade with short pips RPB, which to use?

    I will use Japanese penhold with short-pin RPB, I am in doubt which blade to use, Galaxy 983, 985 or 988? all practically at the same price.
  5. Cheap J-pen blade for RPB with short pips

    Suggestions please
  6. J-Pen Blade Advice

    Hello everybody! Recently, I have had the chance to buy a Butterfly Ryu Seung Min G-Max in good condition. But then, I read that it would be more worthwhile to buy either an TSP Special Dynam 10.5 or a Butterfly Cypress G-Max. But what should I buy now?
  7. Can I play a Xiom rubber on a C-Pen blade?

    Hello! I'm thinking about buying a new rubber on my forehand. I'm currently using the DHS Hurricane 301 as my blade, a DHS Hurricane 3 Provincial (Blue Sponge) as FH rubber and a Butterfly Tenergy 05 Hard as BH rubber (both are boosted with Falco Tempo Long Booster). The BH rubber is just...
  8. 1980ies Butterfly J-Pen blade

    I have this old Butterfly J-Pen blade which my father bought in Tokyo ca 1987. Does someone know the name of the blade? (I've recently removed the old speed glue rubber and sanded away with the sweat "stains" from the cork)
  9. Trial C-pen?

    Hello all! I play TT seriously for a half a year now and play shakehand, but I would like to try C-pen. Why? I believe it may be suited for my play. My strongest play is close to the table push and fast loop. I also have a weird shakehand block when I get attacked on the BH side, I hold it in...
  10. euro/tensor rubber on c-pen ?

    Hello I am currently using a c-pen blade with skyline 2 neo on forehand... I was wondering if it's possible to use a european rubber like xiom vega pro on a cpen blade for forehand... I tried xiom vega pro on a shakehand blade and couldn't get any balls on the table... what's the difference...
  11. Small sweet spot on Tibhar Stratus Samsonov Carbon (Pen)

    I'm using this blade for 1 month and it's great, but the sweet spot is small. Do I need to buy a new blade or just get used to it? Thanks :)
  12. Please help,where can i buy pen hold blade in UK?

    Please help,where can i buy pen hold blade in UK? I would like to buy a Stiga rosewood nct v penhold blade,where can i got it? Any online shop? Thank you.