1. Osaka Shop referrals and Places to play in.

    Good day everyone I'll be going back to Osaka Japan this Sunday. I have only been to 2 stores which are Hamada takyu and Honmachi stores. Does anyone know any other stores that I may have missed? Anyone want to have a hit? Best regards
  2. Places to play in Cologne Germany

    I will be visiting Koln (Cologne, Germany) in July and was curious if there are any clubs that allow outside players to come and play. Around the level of 2000 USATT or so (League around 6/7 division). Please let me know, thanks.
  3. places to play near Kensington, London

    I shall be staying in an apartment in W8, London for some time next month. Any clubs near there where I can play for a few hours?
  4. Places to play in Zagreb, Croatia

    Hello everyone, I will travel to Zagreb in Croatia for the next 1-2 weeks and am looking for decent table tennis clubs. My level is roughly 150 national ranking in the UK / 2000-2100 US level. Any recommendations of places to play would be much appreciated. Many thanks!
  5. Places to play table tennis in Madrid

    Hello! I'm studying abroad in Madrid, Spain and I've been trying to find a nice place to play that is inexpensive but haven't had any luck so far. Do you guys know of any place that I should check out? My rating is around 1450-1500 but haven't played in just over two months. Thank you for your help!
  6. any places to play table tennis in busan

    Hi Everyone ill be going to Busan this weekend and i was hoping if anyone knows any table tennis spots where i can play. and if you know any table tennis shops there as well(Online or store) please comment below Greatly Appreciated. :)
  7. TT clubs/places to play in Hameln, Germany?

    Will be visiting there in early October, so curious if it's worth bringing my TT stuff with me. Most likely will have time on Sunday and Monday only, if it matters. I did a bit of searching and it looks like Hameln is/was a home town of D. Ovtcharov, so there must be some TT action there...
  8. Zhengding's TT base mail-adres? Other places to go?

    I was wondering what Zhengding's table tennis training base's mail adres was ([email protected] doesn't work), since I was planning to go there and train for about a month (by myself). I think it'll be a great experience, to travel solo, but also a very good training and learning experience...
  9. Traveling to the US and looking for places to play

    Hey there AT the start of the month of july i will be traveling to Philadelphia. From there on out i will be touring around the US probably into the west. Now im looking for places and people to play with. Maybe you guys can help me out with this ? I would love to play against all of you :)...
  10. Lake Garda Area - Places to play?

    Ciao Italian TTD Members, I am going on holiday to Lake Garda soon. Can anybody suggest any TT clubs or places to play so I can try to keep my eye in with a few hours practice/play whilst on hols ? Only been playing two seasons in a local league, so still trying to keep some improvement going...
  11. Places to train in Thailand?

    Hi guys! I'm looking to do an internship in Thailand this summer for 8 weeks, but I want to continue training if I go. Can anybody tell me some information on places to train in Thailand, clubs, tournaments etc......The most important thing for me would be a good place to train plenty when...
  12. International Training Camps! Still have places! Take your game to the next level!

    We still have places for the summer period at our training camps in Eger Hungary! For more information visit our website at any questions or queries can be written here or you can email us at [email protected] Look forward to hearing and...