1. Blade choice for combination play

    I have a DMS Wizard blade with Dynaryz ACC on the forehand and Grass D.Techs 0.9mm on the backhand for classic combination play to achieve set ups for power loops on the forehand by strategic blocking and pushing on the backhand. I use sponge on the D.Techs to also be able to play backhand...
  2. can I play world championships with this?
  3. Streaming on youtube Fan Zhendong and Xu Xin play

    12th August 20:00-21:00 Fan Zhendong vs Yu Ziyang 21:00-22:00 Xu Xin vs Xu Chenhao (GMT+8)
  4. Have you started to play again?

    Fingers crossed, we hope in the UK we can begin to start playing table tennis on the 4th July. Have your clubs opened yet around the world?
  5. How to Play Like Ma Long: Secrets to Chinese Coaching (Not Clickbait)

    장우진/張禹珍/JANG Woojin 1 FH Topspin 2 BH 3 Footwork 조승민/趙勝敏/CHO Seungmin 4 Service Return 5 Service Attack 이상수/李尚洙/LEE Sangsu 6 Service 7 3rd-Ball Attack...
  6. Do you play a musical instrument?

    As corona virus ceased most of the table tennis activities during the past few months, I have had plenty of time to listen and play music. I thought what might be interesting is to see what musical instruments table tennis players play. So post what you play, and if you have videos of...
  7. Table Tennis vs. Ping Pong

    What is the primary difference between the two if there is one and do you get offended if you confuse the two?
  8. Why do you play table tennis?

    I saw a facebook post the other day with someone started a discussion on why they played basketball. It got me wondering why I play table tennis. I play table tennis because I love hitting a winning shot, the feeling is great. I have some good friends in table tennis to which helps. Why do you...
  9. Was it a staged (bogus) play, just for hype?

  10. Why JAN-Ove Waldner, Timo Boll, Samsonov - able to play at the TOP so Long ?

    Why are European table tennis legends like Vladimir Samsonov, Timo Boll or Waldner able to play at the top of the world so long, while Chinese athletes often take a break early? This is my Opinons. What about you? : This is my Opinons. What about you? Speaking of us, you and me, the...
  11. Let's play Virtual Table Tennis during the outbreak

    Due to no table tennis activities and with many clubs shutting around the world, lets create the longest rally. I'll start... Short backhand serve to the backhand Stay healthy everyone
  12. Where to play in Warsaw, Poland?

    Sudden change of plan, I'll be in Warsaw, Poland starting from April this year, can you tell me where to play? Please include google map location and the membership fee/if it's covered using company's 'sport card' that allows employee to enter gym?
  13. Can you use the BH side of a japanese penhold blade to play?

    I wonder if I can glue a rubber to the backside of a japanese penhold blade to be able to play BH like with a chinese wood.
  14. European / Japanese Rubber for spin-oriented play

    Dear table tennis enthusiasts, I started playing table tennis again only one and a half years ago, but am making great progress. Mostly, because I had been introduced to the proper techniques in a proper club when I played for 2 years as a child. I am (extremely) forehand dominant, play...
  15. Can I play a Xiom rubber on a C-Pen blade?

    Hello! I'm thinking about buying a new rubber on my forehand. I'm currently using the DHS Hurricane 301 as my blade, a DHS Hurricane 3 Provincial (Blue Sponge) as FH rubber and a Butterfly Tenergy 05 Hard as BH rubber (both are boosted with Falco Tempo Long Booster). The BH rubber is just...
  16. play table tennis in Kaohsiung Taiwan

    Any place I can find someone to play table tennis in Kaohsiung Taiwan please??????
  17. All to All+ looping blade for a child who is starting to play

    Hi, any advise on an All to All+ blade for a child who is starting to play. A couple of requirements: 1. No more than $40 2. All wood, not fast, but not super slow. 3. Weight no more than 75g 4. Preferably limba outer layer as it gives more feeling and usually limba is good for looping. 5...
  18. Video Replay used at the World Tour Grand Finals 2019 | VAR

    VAR was used for the first time today at the World Tour Grand Finals! Check it out below by the ITTF. What do you think of this technology? 601746920367035
  19. Osaka Shop referrals and Places to play in.

    Good day everyone I'll be going back to Osaka Japan this Sunday. I have only been to 2 stores which are Hamada takyu and Honmachi stores. Does anyone know any other stores that I may have missed? Anyone want to have a hit? Best regards
  20. Play Opponent with little weakness and good reach(fast)

    Hello yesterday i played a young very tall opponent with extrem forehand grip and court coverage (30 years, i am 26) his strong sides were: @good short pendulum serves with little spin(no spin serve, and sometimes medium underspin) and a good reverse topspin serve as changeup, hard to...