1. World Team Qualification Tournament 2020 | Tokyo Olympics

    The 2020 World Team Qualification Tournament takes place in Portugal and with 9 teams (per gender) will qualifying for the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games! Full details coming soon... Men Team Entries Women Team Entries Knockout stages
  2. ITTF World Tour Grand Finals qualification

    Current standings for 2019 ITTF World Tour Grand Finals, Zhengzhou 12-15 Dec
  3. European Team Championships 2019 - Qualification matches

    I found out that this topic full of matches is missing here.. So I created it and I am adding matches that I got ;-) SVK vs. BLR from December 4th 2018.. First match: Pištej vs. Yarashenka: Then Šereda vs. Khanin: Valuch vs. Shamruk: And last match: Pištej vs. Khanin:
  4. European Team Championships 2018 - Qualification matches

    Hello everyone! European team qualifications begun! Month ago I think.. But y-day I was in Bratislava to see SVK vs. UKR and I got some great matches recorded! I would like to share. If you got something to share too, do not hesitate! ;) SVK vs. UKR: Interestingly Ukraine put their best player...
  5. 2018 Europe Youth Olympic Qualification

    2018 Youth Olympic Qualification Truls Moregard vs Cristian Pletea (Unbelivable Match!!!!)
  6. WTTC 2017 VLOG #3 - Qualification Day!

    Hey guys, Here's our 3rd vlog here at the 2017 World Table Tennis Championships in Dusseldorf, Germany! This vlog provides an insight into the behind the scenes action of the 2 qualification days! Over the last 2 days the 2017 World Championships has seen some intense matches in the...
  7. European Team Championships 2017 - Qualification matches

    Qualification matches are already played, everyone knows it as ENG vs. Greece got 2 million hits. In this topic we can share videos and results from these matches ;)
  8. Rio Olympics 2016 Qualified Player List From Europe!

    Last week saw the European Qualification Tournament for Rio Olympics 2016 come to a close in Halmsted, Sweden! The men's and women's qualifiers list from Europe has now come in. Find out which 10 men and 10 women have qualified from Europe below: Timo Boll books a place to Rio! - Photo by...
  9. Latin America Qualification Tournament for Rio Olympics 2016

    Latin America select players and teams competing in the Olympic Games. They are: (Some names have an interview in Spanish) Women's Single: 1. Adriana Díaz (Puerto Rico) 2. Lady Ruano (Colombia) 3. Carolina Kumahara (Brazil) 4. Lin Gui (Brazil) 5. Gremlis Arvelo (Venezuela) 6. Yadira...
  10. Crazy Point in Latin America Qualification Tournament

  11. Asian Qualification Tournament for Rio Olympics 2016

    Asian Rio Olympic Qualification Tournament, 13th April to 17th April 2016, Hong Kong The Asian qualification tournament for the Rio Olympics 2016 will take place this week in Hong Kong. China's top 4 have all entered in both the mens and womens singles events. Who will the Chinese team be for...
  12. Europe Qualification Tournament for Rio Olympics 2016

    European Rio Olympic Qualification Tournament, 12th April to 16th April 2016, Halmstad, Sweden The European qualification tournament for the Rio Olympics 2016 will take place next week in Sweden, the recent home of the 2015 Men's World cup. Germany's Dimitrij Ovtcharov and Netherlands Li Jiao...
  13. OLYMPIC Regional Qualification Tournaments ARE Underway!!!!!

    I have actually been quite surprised that nobody has posted information on these Olympic Qualification Tournaments that started at the beginning of April. A friend from NYC posted information on these events on April 1 right before they kicked off: This following are excerpts from the email...
  14. European Championship 2013 Qualification

    JOOLA Men´s European Championships Qualifications Challenge Portugal’s Andre SILVA (Photo Roscher) We can use this thread as a means to display all the latest results, videos and news from this spectacular event! What are your predictions.
  15. European Championship 2013 Qualification

    Matches are taking place for the European Championship 2013 qualification Videos below :) Tiago Apolonia - photo by: tibhar.de
  16. World Olympic Qualification

    2012 Final World Olympic Qualification Tournament, 10 May 2012 - 13 May 2012, Doha, Qatar Total number of entries so is: 116 Players from all over the World will take part in an opportunity to secure their Olympic place when they take part in the Final World Olympic Qualification Tournament in...
  17. Asian Olympic Qualifications 2012

    The Asian Olympic 2012 Table Tennis Qualifications proceed on the 19th April 2012 Official website for the Asian Olympic Qualifications 2012 can be found here Ma Long the World no.1 enters the Asian Olympic Qualifications as the number 1 seed! Photo by: ITTF Participants 1st Stage Men's...
  18. European Olympic Qualifications 2012

    Olympic Games European Qualification 2012, Luxembourg, April 11th - April 15th Men's and Women's Groups Entries: 64 The Olympic Games European Qualification 2012 is just around the corner with the action beginning on the 11th April 2012! This spectacular event will decide who will qualify for...