1. Why is the ITTF trying to remove wood from a blade?

    Attention all my fellow small blade smiths / blade makers... it's time to get angry. At its upcoming AGM, the ITTF are going to vote on radically loosening the rules around blades... and I mean radically. Under the new proposed rules, there will be no requirement to use timber in a blade at...
  2. Heat rubber to remove humidity?

    I'm slightly curious if there are members in TTD who have any sort of tricks that they do to remove humidity from their rubber. Melbourne is an annoying place as humidity can vary from day to day. One day the humidity is at the normal range at 40-50% and you can feel ball friction. Another day...
  3. IMO - Best Way to Remove WB Glue from the Sponge (Pull, do not Peel)

    IMO - Best Way to Remove WB Glue from the Sponge (Pull/Stretch, do not Peel) I have discovered a better way to remove WB glue from stubborn open cell sponge rubbers (like Rakza 7) At least, I have not seen anyone online removing the glue in this way. First, as do many, I apply enough layers...
  4. Remove Varnish question

    How do i remove varnish for say to reseal it or just remove it with keeping the colour in tact ?
  5. How to remove OLD rubber on OLD bat? *See picture* *HELP*

    Hi! Fast background story, my uncle decided he wanted to start playing again. He used to play like 30 years ago. So he has his old bat with his old mark v rubber stored in his basement and wanted me to glue some of my old rubbers to his bat. NOW he have removed his old rubber. Now the problem...
  6. Remove pre-applied glue layer of sponge? (Yinhe Mars II)?

    This rubber (Yinhe Mars II) came with a pre-applied glue on the sponge, should I remove it before gluing on the blade or not?
  7. Does peeling off glue layer remove boosting effects

    I have a fairly simple question but given that my FH rubber continue to dome (somewhat) I am led to believe that I don't need to reboost it for a while as I applied a fairly healthy amount of booster; my only question is, do I need to reboost after I have peeled off the glue layer or has the...
  8. remove timo boll picture

    Hi guys, can you remove that image in the top left from timo boll? it's like every time I come to the forum the first thing I see is timo boll looking at me and I find it rather offensive. Thanks.
  9. Using hand sanitizer to help remove rubber

    Hi all, I have heard that you can use nail polish remover to help remove your rubber from the blade. I wanted to know if I could use hand sanitizer, or rubbing alcohol/alcohol swabs for the same purpose.
  10. Best way to remove glue from rubbers?

    Hi guys, just wondering what you more experienced players do to remove glue from rubbers. I've been using my thumb and it takes forever. I've looked online but couldn't find much in the way of advice. Any help would be appreciated. Mark
  11. Remove Glue from the Rubber..

    HI All, By Mistake my coach glued my anti spin Amy control rubber wrongly. because of that rubber was showing bubbles.. SO I removed the rubber and it is messed up now. Glue is very sticky and i cant use the finger to remove it. any other way to remove the glue without harming to its...
  12. How can I remove my blade's handle without damaging it?

    Hey guys any tips on how to remove a blade handle from one blade to swap with another? Thanks
  13. how to remove glue from back of rubber

    right, i can't peel it, is there any chemical way to dissolve it(rubber based butterfly free chack) as i've tried peeling(it worked on the sriver so i tried and failed) and now the glue is a mess, is there any way to remedy it without having to get new rubber. thanks
  14. How to remove rubber from sponge?

    Hey, I've always wondered if you could customise your own top sheet and sheet of sponge? Seeing as the "National Blue Sponge Hurricane" is fundamentalle Globe 999 Blue sponge + Hurricane top sheet So I'm asking if anybody knows any ways of removing and reapplying a rubber to a sponge? thanks...