1. Table tennis vs road cycling and what we know from science

    I took up road cycling to get stronger and fitter for TT, liked it a lot, and then the pandemic hit, which for me has meant no TT for close to a year now. And during the last five years as I got more into cycling, and it is interesting to compare the two sports. They are very very different...
  2. Road to Tokyo 2020: Chinese TT Team

    There’s not much debate for men: ML, XX, and FZD. The fourth player will be one of them: LGY, LJK, and WCQ. Most likely FZD and ML will play singles and XX team and XD. I have a feeling WCQ will have better chance joining the team than the other two. There are way more uncertainties on women’...
  3. VIDEO: Dimitrij Ovtcharov - The Road to the TOP 2018

    New video has been made by GECA for the ITTF! What an incredible year for Dimitrij Ovtcharov! The year of 2017 will be one to remember as Dima become the new world number 1! Watch the sensational journey below:
  4. The Road of success in Table Tennis (video)

    Hi ! , this is my new video , I hope you like it ;)
  5. #TTokyo2014 China ROAD TO GOLD

    This is a nice compilation of #teamchina shots on its #TTokyo2014 ROAD TO GOLD
  6. Michael Maze - Road to recovery 2014

    Hey everyone! Last month Michael Maze had announced through his Facebook account that he has signed a new contract with Swedish team Eslov Table Tennis for whom he will now play for, for the rest of the season. It seems Michael Maze could be back in no time! The well-known player who previously...
  7. Chuang Chih-yuan Road to Growth

  8. CNT road to London 2012 Olympics!

    Chinese National Team prepare for the London 2012 Olympics! The Chinese National Team are now in preparation for the London 2012 Olympics (Closed training). The training started on the 1st June 2012 and will go on for 40 days. The men's and women's team are separated with a total of 60...
  9. End of the Road for Ma Lin? Could it be the end of the road for China's superstar Ma Lin? Ranked 5th in the world he suffered his 3rd loss in just a couple of months to a European player, this time Kirill Skachkov of Russia. Is there still a place...
  10. USA road to WTTC 2011

    Check this out. Very cool footage of the World Table Tennis Championships 2011 including the USA National TT Team Source: Mens Team Fan Yiyong Mark Hazinski Adam Hugh Wang Timothy Michael Landers Womens Team Zhang, Lily Hsing Ariel Hugh, Judy Wu. Erica Jha...