1. FS:Butterfly TB ALC, DHS HL5 and other blades

    Planning to reduce the clutter in my TT bag PayPal as friends and family or buyer pays 5% fees to cover for the PayPal transaction fee. Here is the gallery for all the pics - Here is the list of blades...
  2. FS Handmade SDC composite blade

    FS Handmade SDC ALC outer and Donic Crest already sold now
  3. Primorac Carbon Restoration - SDC

    Firstly I just wanna say sorry for the watermark, it seems that there are some people who like to steal my repair pics and claim them as their own. A friend of mine asked me to fix his old Primorac Carbon that was in storage for some time. The blade was in pretty bad shape with some severe...
  4. PingBrothers - SDC Handmade Blade Review

    PingBrothers just made a video review on their youtube channel of the blade they commisioned:
  5. SDC Handmade Blades - Some Impressions / Short Review

    I think, most of the forum-members here have already noticed, that there is a manufacturer in Portugal, who offers really nice looking custom made blades for sale: From the first moment I liked the look of his...
  6. Blade Repair by SDC

    This Viscaria needed some love. I could have replaced the whole top ply, but that would mean removing the handle. So, there were more things that could go wrong. The transition is very smooth and a new sealing will prevent more splintering in the future.
  7. FS: SDC Blades

    I'm selling some of my personal blades, along with some experiments and prototypes. They are all in good condition, some might have minor dings but that is stated in the description. #157 - Composite: 6 wood + 3 - Off- This one was the prototype for my asymmetric handle. Composition: Ako /...