1. Have a problem with shipping, need help .

    On 05/19/2022, I ordered from TTNPP 4 sheets of rubbers DHS Neo Skyline 3 , Black , 2.2, 41 degree + 4 sheets of rubbers Friendship 802 Mystery. TTNPP gave me tracking number: AG703344640CN. My order number is: # 051779, Then I see in my TTNPP Account wrote this parcel came to Los Angeles CA...
  2. Shipping to Philippines

    Hello Guys, Any Filipino TTD Member here, that manage to order equipment internationally? I'm a bit scared since I don't know if shipping from overseas is restricted because of the pandemic. TT11 is where I'll be buying my equipment does anyone know if shipping from overseas is allowed in this...
  3. does shipping from The Netherlands!

    Hello! Why does ship their products from The Netherlands to me (Germany)? Fake items? Best regards Mario
  4. Tin arc 5 buying

    what is the best place to get this exact model "DHS Tin Arc 5 Red 2.1 37 degree"
  5. FS: Hurricane Long V FL Perfect Condition

    For sale, £110 + shipping, perfect condition, I glued a H3 Neo and found it to be a tad slow for my liking, amazing blade though. If anyone wants it hit me up, it's about $200 elsewhere! I'm a trusted seller and have had no problems with transactions before. Looking for cash, but will...
  6. Free shipping from tabletennis11?

    I was about to order new equipment, and I suddenly it says 0.00 eur for shipping? Is it a glitch or is it actually for free?
  7. Rubbers for sale. Shipping from Europe.

    Nittaku Hammond Pro Beta in 1.9 NEW!! €30 TSP Agrit red in 1.8 - 2.0 NEW!! €30 TSP Agrit black in 1.8 - 2.0 NEW!! €30 Stiga Clippa black in 2.1 like new €30 Yasaka Razka red in 2.1 still 80% €12 Donic Acuda S1 red in 2.1 still 80% €12 Tenergy 25 red in 2.1 still 65% €15 Tenergy 80 red in 2.1...
  8. Used blades for sale. Shipping from Europe.

    Andro Treiber K OFF, like new, 90 gr. €40 Andro Temper Tech OFF-, 80 gr. €25 TSP Thriller OFF, 88 gr. €25 Galaxy N-9, like new, 86 gr. €10 I will send pictures personally if you are interested. Shipping prices not included.
  9. F.S. Jun Mizutani ST 85 gms 180 USD (incl. Paypal and WW Shipping)

    Hi All, For Sale is my New Butterfly logo Jun Mizutani ST 85 gms 180 USD (incl. Paypal) No crack or dents. Beautiful limba wood with smooth finish. Shipping Free thru Registered Air Mail with Tracking number PFB the link for the pics...
  10. Say 'NO' to DHL Shipping in INDIA

    If you live in INDIA, you need to say NO to free shipping if the seller uses DHL. I order 3 items from with the "Free DHL Shipping". What I received was a bill of 882 INR from DHL as Customs Clearance. declared the items with a lower price but DHL is...
  11. F.S. Yinhe Galaxy N-9_Big Dipper_Moon Speed Combo @ 38 USD + Shipping

    Hi All, I would like to sell my combo. Blade: Yinhe Galaxy N-9 FL Black Rubber: Yinhe Galaxy Big Dipper [Max] Red Rubber: Yinhe Galaxy Moon Speed [Max] Bought from Usage: 3 sessions Condition: Perfect. no scratches, no dings. Rubbers are cut by me so little uneven but...
  12. FS Innerforce ALC ST like new only 88 grams save 30 Euro free shipping

    After two hours of testing, my clubmate reverts to his Spirit. Old love beats new flame ... Innerforce ALC ST, 88 grams, no dents, no damage. Retail price new Euro 129,90 Used including worldwide shipping via registered mail: Euro 99,-- File upload fails me at the moment, please mail to...
  13. FS 1 Pair of new Stiga Airoc M 2.1 rubbers - ridiculously cheap - free shipping

    1 red, 1 black rubber unplayed and still sealed. Shipped immediately upon receipt of payment via PayPal (only) without extra costs as registered mail. Shop price in Germany 99,80 Euro. My price 60,00 Euro or 67,00 US $ or 43,00 GBP - please compare to your local retail price. More than one...
  14. equipment in india

    hi guys, i am from chennai ,india. i need dhs products. can anybody ship me those (or) is anybody in india having/selling dhs products,please report in this thread. sorry for poor english. thanks in advance.
  15. Last One* Brand New VISCARIA FL @89.6g $119 include shipping UK/US

    Title says it all. If interested please pm me or contact via email [email protected] Pictures: Payment PayPal as gift. Thanks
  16. No Butterfly Shipping abroad?

    hello TTD:) i'm just wondering why some online stores i looked into was prohibited or don't want to ship Butterfly products outside their country...this was specially some TT stores in Japan and some part of Asia...:( was this a mandate by the company?:confused:
  17. Used rubbers for sale (shipping from Europe)

    BLADES (shipping price not included) Andro Temper Tech OFF-, like new, 80 gr. €25 Galaxy N-9, like new, 86 gr. €10 TSP Thriller OFF, 88 gr. €30 Andro Treiber K OFF, like new, 90 gr. €50 >TSP Thriller OFF-, 88 gr. SOLD RUBBERS...
  18. FS: All Tenergy 05,64,80 and FXs $62 incl Shipping

    Hi all, I have for sell the following: -Tenergy 05 & 05FX, red or black 2.1 or 1.9 -Tenergy 64 & 64FX, red or black 2.1 or 1.9 -Tenergy 80, red or black 2.1,1.9 or 1.7 All brand New unused sealed in packaging. 100% Authentic or your money back. Price is $62 including shipping to...
  19. Shipping cost from Hong Kong to Germany

    Hi, you know what about shipping cost from Hong Kong to Germany? I have a shop located where there are certain Rubbers cheaper. After I had time to look for what in my cart, I looked at the shipping time and saw that there were only € 8:57, what's funny if you were to pay with Paypal and the...