1. The World’s Biggest Ping Pong Pool Party

    The World’s Biggest Ping Pong Pool Party will take place on July 10th and you're invited to be part of the action. The party will be at the LINQ Hotel pool on The Strip in Las Vegas and is a warm-up for the 2015 US Open Table Tennis Championships. Uberpong and PONGTOPIA are teaming up with USA...
  2. Ping Pong Ball Catch LIKE A BOSS! (VIDEO)

    Hey guys! We were filming last Sunday and got this funny idea about showing a table tennis player's awesome reflexes :D We all know that table tennis players' reflexes are faster than lightning, right? :D I remember sometimes having absolutely crazy reflex situations (that I wish would have...
  3. Tabletennis in Shanghai (Meet, Travel, Play..)

    Hei Guys! How are you all doing? I will be at the WTTC in Suzhou starting in a few days and after that i will be staying a couple days in Shanghai (untill 15. May) Besides some normal sightseeing (i dont know yet what exactly) and ofc enyoing the food, drinks and people there I thought it'd be...
  4. Extinguishing a candle with a Ping Pong Ball! (VIDEO)

    Hey guys! So, we promised this year will be a new beginning for EditingSports and we will start it with the clip below. We were filming our new full length trick video on Sunday and got some pretty amazing clips :) May this clip work as a teaser for the full video :) For more awesome TT...
  5. Incredible Table Tennis Robot!

    Crazy German Engineering! A little bit more speed and it would be a great training system!
  6. Stole tableTennis daily video

    I saw in another youtube channel has stolen the video of table tennis daily. Should the webmaster doing something on it?
  7. Is tabletennis a sport? Scholl argumention

    Hi guys, i am going to talk about why TT is a sport. And i need some help with arguments that can help me in the argumentation. So please help me guys. Thanks!
  8. September 2013 - Table Tennis World Magazine is published!

    September – China Table Tennis Would Magazine has been uploaded!:) In this month, it will mainly talk about how China to promote Table Tennis to...
  9. 2 short tabletennis rallys of mine

    Just found these rallys from a long time ago, I thought I might as well upload them :-). I am the one in the grey/green shirt.
  10. Help me

    Hi This is a video when i played a match for 3 weeks ago and if you see what i must develop more, you can tell me her. I was very tired before the games and thats why i have a bad footwork. I am the guy with blue shirt.
  11. Do you often blame on yourself?

    Hi! Like the title the ask is if you are blaming of yourself when you miss a ball or serve? In my club we have one player that always blames on himself and yells at himself. Is this ok? I know that many players are blaming on their self put he is do it every point
  12. Table-tennis Summer Camp (Portugal ) Prices got all incluided.(Less travel)

    This Summer Camp is placed in Setúbal (Portugal) and any person from everyone that enjoy table tennis can join. It has the duration of 5 days/4 nights.(Between 19/23 or 26/30 august) Any doubt about the flyer just put your questions on. Them page is Them facebook...
  13. I am looking for Tabletennis Store Online in UK

    I going to open Club in London. I am looking for Store Online with Cheap Products and Fast Process, Fast Delivery in UK. Do you know any stores ? Help me post Link Store in this Topic . Thank you verymuch.
  14. What is your playing style and what kinds of players do you tend to lose against?

    OK. Just some random questions to know you people here :D So I'm a shakehander, chopper, lp on backhand and smooth on the forehand, I tend to chop more with my backhand and I have a pretty aggressive attacking forehand that is not 100% effective(still is working on with my consistency with...
  15. Japan Table Tennis Championships 2013

    Draw&Results Men Singles Doubles Junior Singles No Name No Name No Name 1st Koki Niwa 2nd Jun Mizutani 3rd Kenta Matudaira 3rd Hideotoshi Oya 1st Matsudaira Kenta/Koki Niwa 2nd Ryusuke Sakamoto/Hiromitsu Sakamoto 3rd Jun Mizutani/Seiya Kishikawa 3rd Taku Takakiwa/Kazuhiro...
  16. Awesome Table Tennis Video - Tricks

    Hey, this is my second table tennis video. Playing and making cool tricks with friends in a good mood : ) I think this is clearly better than the first video, but make sure to tell me your opinion also : ) PLEASE also LIKE the video in youtube and SUBSCRIBE to my channel if you enjoy it :)...
  17. Table tennis editing video 1

    Hey guys, I started to edit sport videos a while ago. I'm mainly focusing on table tennis videos because I play it myself also. I'm trying to give table tennis videos even more interest with my editings :) Please tell me if you like it and what could make the future videos even better :)...
  18. The NO-HAND tabletennis player

    So guys, the ittf just shared a video on facebook and i wanted to show u this: What an amazin man! Never say never again truly gets a new meaning!
  19. What TableTennis Things Are You Wishing For Christmas??

    What Equipment are you wishing for this Christmas! Im Getting money for Butterfly Tenergy 80 When they come out, also adidas shoes,en_GB,pd.html What are you guys hoping for??? Santa saves the day :) Photo by: Marek Zochowski
  20. Reasons why you love Tabletennis so much...

    We have our reasons why we love table tennis so much. I'd like to hear your reasons guys. I also want to know when did you guys started playing table tennis.:D