1. This is the angle that ALL ittf tour matches should have

    There's simply no need for any other angle. Put the camera simply in that angle for every single match and not only it would attract that way a ton more people to TT and have them interested but would make a lot more current TT fans a lot more happier. Putting aside the awful side camera angle...
  2. FS: New, unopened XIOM rubbers. Vega EU DF, Vega Japan, Omega V Tour DF, Asia V DF

    I have for sell following rubbers, all of them unopened, all of them red, all of them max thickness. - Vega EU DF 25€ - Vega Japan 25€ - Omega V Tour Sold - Omega V Asia 32€
  3. Xiom omega 7 tour

    opinions on this rubber from anyone who has used it. and how does it compare to other popular rubbers. in australia, the price conversion rates are strange so this ended up being 57 aud (38 usd). should i buy it?
  4. Xiom Omega Tour opinion

    I would like to begin this text with a very short pre-word aimed at all the grumblers of this forum, please don't read this! I wrote this text mostly because I wanted to burn off some afflatus. So this text probably will be unnecessarily long, full of floral comparisons and other figures than...
  5. Omega 5 tour vs VEGA X

    Hello, I'm playing with zhang jike alc and hexer powergrip on forehand, recently I've tried the racket of my friend viscaria+vega pro on forehand. I really like vega pro. I thought the hexer powergrip was superior to the vega pro in both spin and speed. Actually the vega pro is faster and has...
  6. 2020 World Tour Hungarian Open

  7. ITTF World Tour Song

    Hi Everyone, Does anybody know where to find the 'theme tune' of the ITTF World Tour? It's used in their promo videos, and when the players enter the arena. Thx, J
  8. World Tour Grand Finals 2019 | Winners

    Last weekend’s Agricultural Bank of China 2019 ITTF World Tour Grand Finals saw the 2019 season end with some truly top-class table tennis. Fan Zhendong and Chen Meng were victorious in the men’s and women’s singles. The Chinese pairings of Fan Zhendong/Xu Xin and Xu Xin/Liu Shiwen came out on...
  9. Video Replay used at the World Tour Grand Finals 2019 | VAR

    VAR was used for the first time today at the World Tour Grand Finals! Check it out below by the ITTF. What do you think of this technology? 601746920367035
  10. World Tour Grand Finals 2019 | Everything You Need To Know

    The final major event of the year will be held from Thursday 12th to Sunday 15th of this month in the Zhengzhou Olympic Sports Centre. The Agricultural Bank of China 2019 ITTF World Tour Grand Finals will consist of 5 events including the Men’s and Women’s singles, men’s, women’s and mixed...
  11. 2019 ITTF World Tour Grand Finals

    2019 ITTF World Tour Grand Finals Agricultural Bank of China 2019 ITTF World Tour Grand Finals Venue: Zhengzhou Olympic Sports Center Zhengzhou, China 12 to 15 December 2019 Prize money: US$ 1,001,000 Equipment Tables: DOUBLE FISH Volant King Blue Balls: DHS D40 +*** White Floor: TINSUE TLO...
  12. Upsets Galore at the Austria Open 2019

    The Platinum World Tour Austrian Open main draw has begun. This exciting tournament held in the city of Linz as a great chance for players to pick up some more World Tour points. Benedikt Duda - photo via ITTF Flickr In the qualification stages we saw some upsets with Germany’s Benedikt Duda...
  13. ITTF World Tour Grand Finals qualification

    Current standings for 2019 ITTF World Tour Grand Finals, Zhengzhou 12-15 Dec
  14. Czech Open 2019 (World Tour)

    The Czech Open begins next week on Tuesday 13th August and concludes on Sunday 20th. The line ups are similar to the Bulgarian Open, but with some added top players like Hugo Calderano, Timo Boll, Lin Yun-Ju, Patrick Franziska and Feng Tianwei. Also more CNT players will join the party, so...
  15. 2019 Bulgaria Open (World Tour)

    The Bulgaria Open begins tomorrow on the 13th August and concludes on Sunday the 18th. Tomokazu Harimoto and Kasumi Ishikawa are the top seeds of the men's and women's singles events respectively, but without the top CNT players present it's a very even field of great players, so very it's hard...
  16. The 2019 Australian Open main draw has begun!

    Last week saw Xu Xin victorious at the Korean Open defeating World Champion Ma Long in the semi final and host nations Jeoung Youngsik in the final. The World Tour circuit now moves onto the Australian Open which is now in the last 32 stage. Xu Xin victorious against Ma Long at lasts weeks...
  17. FS: New Xiom Omega VII Tour and VII Asia

    I'm selling completely new sheets of Xiom Omega VII Tour and Omega VII Asia still wrapped in their plastic. 1 Omega VII Tour Max Red - $51 1 Omega VII Asia Max Red - $51 Free shipping to the 48 state continental US. Buy both for $100 even. Payment via paypal gift. If sending as a...
  18. 2019 World Tour Japan Open

    Early news on Japan open: China will be bringing all big guns to Japan: Ma Long, FZD, XX, Lin Gaoyuan. Will be a wonderful event again as Harimoto will be a defending champion :)
  19. World veterans tour in the usa

    Join us in Ft. Lauderdale October 17 to 20. For info go to ITTF events. See you there.
  20. Rhyzer 48 x Omega VII Tour

    Hey guys, can anyone share their impressions on the differences between those two rubbers? Ideally if you have tested both of them. Also, would an all wood ayous with limba outer ply blade be a good match for both of them?