1. Win the Cup of Varna Town - Bulgaria

    Hi Dear Friends, We'd like to share with you that we organize the Third "Varna Cup" Tournament in Varna, Bulgaria on 19-20.08.2023. We are happy to invite everyone who is interested about this big event. Prize Fund - 5000lv/2500euro/ We are waiting for you to win the cup of Varna town. You can...
  2. Harimoto innerforce SZLC alternative? back-up blade for tournaments

    Hello,So I bought myself a Harimoto Inner SZLC at a 40% discount ( someone bought it and stoppoed playing and sold it to me brand new), I and it works like charmMy problem is that Amateur tournaments here, you play around 10 matches in a day, with lots of people in the same room, high...
  3. Are tournaments and leagues running in your Country?

    I was just wondering if other countries are playing leagues and tournaments again yet? There is not much going on in England, tournaments are a definite no-go at the moment!!
  4. How does the USATT handle ratings restricted tournaments?

    I come from a chess background, and it always a challenge for organizers to be fair when running sanctioned United States Chess Federation ratings restricted tournaments. Typically, unrated players or players without a minimum number of rated games are ineligible to play in non-open events. At...
  5. Any tips on how to stay calm for tournaments?

    Hey guys! I'll be playing a tournament soon, but I always feel quite nervous before playing (I guess that's normal). Are there any exercises to improve mental toughness? What should you think about while you're playing? Do you guys have any strategies to remain calm before and during matches...
  6. P4match app for tournaments

    Hi guys I want to talk to you about an APP which is getting more and more popular here in Japan which helps organize tournaments. The situation at the amateur level in Japan is that there is no regular championships. On the other hand, the local leagues organize regularly local tournaments...
  7. Top tournaments based on prize money and ranking points

    I'm a bit new to table tennis. I've been following it for a while now on ITTF streaming services. But I was a bit confused about the tournaments structure. Is there a breakdown somewhere that describes which are the top tournaments based on prize money and ranking points? For instance, in...
  8. Are Open Tournaments really open?

    For example, at the last China Open, could anybody, regardless of their ranking, rating, or skill, have been able to play in the qualifiers?
  9. Phone stand to record during lesson or tournaments.

    What do you use to record yourself with. I have been looking for a stand, but not sure what to get. Can someone recommend me a good phone stand to record videos? My price range is anywhere between $10-$70. My phone is Galaxy s7 edge. Thank you.
  10. Purchasing Tickets for Tournaments?

    Does anyone have experience with purchasing tickets for tournaments? Specifically, I'm interested in the China open taking place this year in Shenzhen from May 30-June 2. Normally, purchasing tournament tickets will redirect to some English website hosted by the ITTF. However, looking back at...
  11. Interesting videos

    Hello Friends:D I will present interesting films about:D -funny moments -tournaments -players attribute -professional training -interviews If you want to see something, let me know what;)
  12. Format of open tournaments

    I played in a tournament once. It wasn't an open. I qualified by playing in a college tournament and coming in 4th. The top 3 qualified for the next level which was a "sectional," One of the the top 3 was injured and couldn't attend, so I got to play as an alternate. The format was a...
  13. 2018 tournaments (for ranking points)

    Jan 18-21 Hungarian Open Feb 22-25 Team World Cup Mar 1-3 African Cup Mar 8-11 Qatar Open Mar 13-17 Polish Open Mar 15-19 Oceana Championships Mar 23-25 German Open Mar 28-Apr 1 Spanish Open Apr 2-6 Slovenia Open Apr 6-8 Asian Cup Apr 10-14 Croatian Open Apr 29-May 6 Team Championships May 16-20...
  14. Table Tennis Tournaments schedules

    Whats up guys,just wondering ,is there a thread with the upcoming TT tournaments ?
  15. US Tournaments in July

    Are there any tournaments in the US in july? If yes, where and are they only for licensed players in the US? Cheers Boogar
  16. OLYMPIC Regional Qualification Tournaments ARE Underway!!!!!

    I have actually been quite surprised that nobody has posted information on these Olympic Qualification Tournaments that started at the beginning of April. A friend from NYC posted information on these events on April 1 right before they kicked off: This following are excerpts from the email...
  17. where to watch the latest tournaments /world championships online

    hi everybody,where can i watch the latest tournaments,world championships that are going on now?is there a championship going on now?thanks
  18. Random Non-Sanctioned tournaments.

    Today I wen't to a local, non-sanctioned tournament at school (I take online classes at a community college), I knew ahead of time I was going to win, guaranteed. Though the tournament was easy, people got pretty annoyed that I was there and started complaining that it wasn't fair. Is it messed...
  19. I think I hate playing tournaments

    so yesterday was the promotion to ascend to first division in this league we've played this year as teams. I haven't been going to many matches but this was the last one so I went. so I finished work and went there. first of all I got there like 10 minutes late and they were like calling to my...
  20. U12, U13 European Tournaments - Any lists available?

    Morning all, Just returned from Dusseldorf Andro Kids and Oostende U12 Masters and wanted to get info on other tournaments around Europe. Can't find any.... No lists or details from ITTF or ETTU and tough to find on the net. Any help or know of any?