1. Can someone translate this video please

    im curious to know whats in this thanks for anyone that can translate this in english
  2. Lee sang su teaching backhand, can anybody translate

    Hi guys, Lss is teaching Bh, But I dont understand. Maybe Dr. Echte can translate?
  3. Can anyone translate this a backspin flick? iv never seen something like this before
  4. Can someone translate this Chinese backhand technique video? Can someone please translate what he's saying? Especially on the beginning where he explains about 2 different grips, and how to rotate the arm in backhand stroke. Thank you.
  5. Can someone who speaks Chinese translate this

    Hi all, Could someone translate these two videos? Thanks
  6. Could a Swede please translate this video? :)

    Hey there, I know this is a lot of work to ask but me and probably many others would appreciate if someone could add english subtitles to this video on youtube: It's a documentary about the greatest ever and I would be so grateful! Thanks :)
  7. Can anyone translate this table tennis video?
  8. Can someone help me to translate these Chinese tips ?

    Hi all , I found these webpages on Suzhou 2015 website . I thinks these tips are very useful . but it needs a human translation not Google translation . Can someone help us to translate these tips ? Thanks in advance Pages :
  9. Shankehand Grip. Can anyone translate it???

    Hi I have seen this video before and it seems that the guy knows what he is talking about. I like to know everything I can and I hope that this video has some extra info.... I know that there are some grips that are forehand oriented and others backhand oriented. In my case I use a forehand...
  10. Xu Xin English Translate!

    A great documentary edited with English Subtitles. Photo by Xinhua/Jiang Kehong)
  11. Yan An China Vid

    Can anyone translate this please?