1. Stéphane Ouaiche vs. Wang Yang - Swedish open 2019

    Hello guys! Another match from my library, private recording from the coach´s view! Enjoy! And those who speach french, you can translate some stuff from Ouaiche ;)
  2. Jonathan Groth vs Wang Yang (EU games 2019 QF)

    Hello again! Next match up is this one, I hope you enjoy it pretty much as it is pretty damn good!
  3. Simon Gauzy vs Wang Xi | German League 2020/2021 no side changes I was watching this match and kinda felt something was a bit odd, then I realized that over the 5 games they never changed sides. Is this different from country to country or even competition to competition ?
  4. What is the relation of Wang Hao and Loki brand.

    I saw some loki products and all have wang hao photos.
  5. Live on Youtube Liang Jingkun vs Wang Chuqin at 9pm 14th August Men's single final 20:00-21:00 (Bronze) Fan Zhendong vs Xu Chenhao {Xu Chenhao was injured, maybe he will quit the match] 21:00-22:00 (final) Liang Jingkun vs Wang Chuqin {Liang Jingkun ate a super star and won Fan Zhendong} {Wang Chuqin won...
  6. Chinese Game Show [BEAT THE CHAMPIONS] incl. Liu Guoliang and Wang Tao

    Sorry if this has been posted already. I just found out about this game show. Where they will invite champions of different sports, like table tennis, tennis, boxing, badminton, soccer(china doesnt really have a champion in Soccer, they invited Kaká and Owen as the Champions) and so on. The...
  7. Wang chuqin China national championships blade

    Guys what blade and rubbers did wang chuqin for the china national championships. it doesnt look like a viscaria
  8. Wang Chuqin BLADE

    Does anybody know what blade does he use?
  9. Gionis Panagiotis vs Wang Yang / two defenders / Polish Superleague

    Gionis Panagiotis vs Wang Yang - two defenders played on polish national stadium in Warsaw. Enjoy the video!
  10. Is Wang Chuqin sponsored by Butterfly?

    Why is Wang Chuqin using Butterfly edge tape? Is he sponsored by Butterfly?
  11. Wang Chuqin Personal Blade

    Hi, have posted a dhs W968-7 blade which they claim is a personal blade of wang chuqin.But wang chuqin uses a butterfly Viscaria.We can see that he uses a viscaria in all his videos.I am posting the link under this of their claim. What do you guys think...
  12. FS: DHS Hurricane Hao II

    Got me an OSP Expert so letting go of my DHS blade. Brand: DHS Condition: 9.5/10 > Flared Handle, 86g > FH Rubber: DHS H3 NEO HARD (Black, 2.2mm) > BH Rubber: DHS Skyline 3-60 MED (Red, 2.1mm) > 5 ply wood (Koto - Spruce - Ayous - S - K) > Blade face sealed with sealant Selling from Singapore...
  13. ping pang wang store

    Who has used this Store on taobao? alot of interesting things there
  14. WTTC 2017 DHS Wang Liqing Blade???

    Someone know something about this C.Pen blade?, i asked to tt11 and they only told me "Is not a souvenir is standard penhold blade"...
  15. BELGIUM - POLAND European League - Nuytinck Devos Lambiet - Dyjas Wang Gorak

    European League 2016-2017 Belgium Hi Everyone, Here is the match. There is already the Training Session with Jakub Dyjas on the channel, and there will be soon more training with the Belgian Team here :
  16. Wang Hao penhold grip hurting

    I am a penholder who is trying to learn RPB, but learning RPB using Ma Lin's grip is really difficult so I switched to Wang Hao's Grip. Usually penholders have a 2-3 cm gap between the handle and the rubber so they have room for their index finger and thumb. Wang Hao's rubber is straight up...
  17. Wang Xi Blade and Rubber (German Cup 2016)

    Hey guys, i noticed that wang xi is not playing the joo se hyuk blade anymore. there is a picture from the german cup final this weekend. can you say me which blade and rubbe he is using now? thanks :)
  18. Kick serve - with deception inspired from Wang Hao's

    Hi everyone, accomodating some essence of Wang hao's kick serve, I made this video trying to share you my best. Again, some of them looked illegal to me. Overall, to execute this serve, was a tough experience to me, as most of them ended up hitting the net. I still dodn't understand why, I...
  19. How to Play the Right Forehand Topspin like Ma Long, Xu Xin, Wang Hao

  20. Wang Hao caught boosting rubber!

    Wang Hao can be seen boosting in these screen shots from a TV show in China. You can see the curl of the blue sponge rubber Wang Hao is gluing on.