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says Spin and more spin.
says Spin and more spin.
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omd, you guys probably wont believe me, but i did try the nittaku dhs turbo rubber on a butterfly sardius blade unboosted from my club, i just forgot that this counts as chinese rubber for some reason, and it was a heavy setup and all my shots were more on the inconsistent side but not bad. My shots where fast, probably due to a really fast blade that is not for my level, so i guess Unboosted h3 rubber on acoustic is good for me right?

I guess it is not that expensive an experiment to try. See how you like it.

What rubbers are you currently using?

One thing to know is, often it is easy to switch from Chinese hard tacky rubbers to Euro/Japanese catapult type rubbers. But often it is quite hard to transition from Euro/Japanese catapult rubbers to Chinese hard tacky rubbers. For some it can take up to 6 months for them to really settle in to that transition. But that isn't for everyone. Some people adapt to that transition fairly quickly.

When you have tried the new setup, I would enjoy reading about how you adjust to it and how you like it.

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Nov 2022

The rubbers im currently using are on a pre made killer spin jet 600 that has 2.0 hard sponge that isnt tacky, (they call it Nitrx rubber).

You dont have to, but I appreciate it if you answer all of the questions from my long post with 7 questions.

When i get my new rubbers and iv set everything up i will let you know how i feel about it. But in the mean time I really need answers.

All the best