Having trouble adjusting to my backhand! Need help!!

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Hey TTD community,

I have started playing TT again at intermediate/Semi Pro level after short gap of no TT for around 8 years.

I just recently got a racket made after trying out some rubbers.

Fh : Xiom Jekyl and Hyde 47.5 max(magenta cause I liked it)
Bh: Nittaku Fast Arc S1
Blade: Neottech Mark Carbon.

I am looking to generate more spin/ on my backhand, or a bit more push.

Or any other combinations that you fellas recommend.
This combination coated me a good pretty penny so I am looking in the same range may even try some more

Highly looking forward to everyone's recommendation.

Your fellow table tennis play👌🏓

For reference
Attaching a pic of my racket

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Nov 2022
Nittaku S-1 was soft, mushy, and bouncy for me. Listed as 45d but was actually 40d when measured with my durometer. Was my first custom setup on the BH of a Nittaku Acoustic so mightve been my poor skills. Maybe I'd find it playable now on a stiffer and more linear blade.

Harder rubbers are personally just more fun to play with, personally. Shots are way more powerful and satisfying.