Looking for advices on forehand

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Jul 2019

Btw. in your profile, if you click on your user-name (or the user-icon) top-right, and select "General settings", and scroll down a bit, you can set the "Thread display mode" to "Linear - Newest First". Then when you click on thread, you see the newest entries. I think this should be the default setting, but isn't. You may already have it, I'm mentioning just in case.

I am aware of that, but I think the cause is more related to trying to do several things at once on my ipad, for instance playing several games of correspondence GO (japanese board game ) while browsing TTD and processing email etc.

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Embedded it for you. Honestly your stroke looks alright, definitely something that can be worked with. Though it does look like your shoulder is coming up a bit and you might be tight, are you using your shoulder to generate power your swing? You don't want to do that.
1. Your strokes is mechanically fine. It just the transfer of power that is problematic. Not enough Ommph! You are too gentle. As my coach will say, is the ball your girlfriend or wife? If no, then why are you not abusing it?

2. Too little acceleration, your swing is moving at constant speed hence no power. You need to accelerate through the ball at contact point. Put your back into it ol'chap!

To be fair, you have shown yours, it is only fair that I show mine. Not sure if you can notice but do you see at the point of contact there is a little more acceleration? That little extra ommph! I hope you do notice it.

Forget to say: At the point of contact there should be a slight tense-up of muscle at the core. The grip also tightens. During the recovery of strokes the muscle relax.

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