Need a wood upgrade

Lazer you play a SDC Blade too,and the new one is also too fast?
you play away from the Table Hustler?

It’s not the blade it’s the rubber. Yes I try not to stay to close. If I am successful Im OK, but whenI am drawn in close I get vulnerable. I started with Mark V to get used to the blade(s) I have two SDC blades a little different but no too much. The Mark V was definitely too slow then I switched to Mark V HPS, much better but somewhat slowish on Bh. Then I found a deal on Tenergies put them on my other SDC blade that’s what I am playing now. It’s a tad too fast but at some point I will switch to a regular Tenegy on FH and stay with Tenergy FX on BH. I am confident this will work both my SDC blades one is off- and the other one off.


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i would Invest the Money ,i have 2 SDc you will be amazed on a Custum or good made Blade.
I have a Barwell Fleet Hexagonal (ciber Thing) and a Tibhar Fortino Pro like clone.
Both are excellent
I play Spectra which is a really Hard Fiber but no Carbon.
But they are both from 1350-1450 htz,so you should be fine,tempo wise.
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Oct 2019
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But i think its time to chance from all wood to alc maybe
Theres a reason why most people Play with other than all wood blades

Well. This one is fast with a softer feel. I think that a blade like this perhaps will go better with softer rubbers like you use, than a stiffer ALC blade.

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depends on his technique,but he mentioned lack of power,so maybe he plays Half Distance and then a Alc would make sense.
And lbh the myth from you can´t play Carbon as intermediate is outdated.
But he can only choose for himself,sooner or later he will switch to a Carbon Blade just to know the difference.
But as i said the rubberrs also play a big Part in this.
Fastarc is a good choice but maybe start with a Factive or something a bit slower if you got a faster wood.
But if you want to Ej like all of us did and still do,go for the setup you prefer.
I Guess you don´t want to sell your Blade that you use now.
It´s always good to have two in Case one breaks.
and good choice,Tenergys are good rubbers and nowadays still pricey but affordable nowadays with a good deal.

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