Spinny serves

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Apr 2022
So basically, you are equating "gears" to COR?
The problem is that gear shift in distinct ratios.
How can a blade have a higher minimum speed? This baffles me.
The COR is used to compute the spin or speed after impact. Where are gears used?

I see so many posts with no proof, only opinion, many are wrong.
Yes, you can say gears are a subjective, relative, and practical feeling stemming based on COR, although I also said there maybe more factors to consider of the relationship between the two.

I agree that the term gear does not completely work if you think of a car or bike and "shifting gears", but that is the word that is used. Maybe it might also come from the phrase "kick into high gear" when looping a ball hard, or referring to the range of speeds available with different cassette ranges.

"Blade has higher minimum speed" if it has high COR at low speed. If you take the same rubber and put it on Primorac versus Clipper and block with it, ball will return slower on Clipper.

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Hi all,
Problem here is a bit different...we don't know what kind of wood he's using even if we can imagine he will keep the same, then we don't know which rubbers he's using.
Said that if the blade is the same the difference will come from the rubbers.
I agree being a good server comes more from technique but if you don't have the materiel you can't have a good result too.
I'm using actually a ZJK ALC paired with Rasanter R42 ultramax. It gave me a lot of spin serving, more than FX-S ( myprevious set up) as example. I'm considered as a really good server here by the players from other teams I've played against, most of them are national level players. As you can see too I prefer soft rubbers than hard rubbers.

Quite different as what I use my teammate is using a Ma Lin Carbon paired with Donic Z1 so something harder and stiffer compared to my set up and he's frankly a good server too. That means the result defend on your feeling and your technique more than really the set up.