TPE U15 Girls - close match up

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Sep 2013
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With our next match video, both players are U15 at the time of filming, while one of them is a world top 10 U15 player too.
Both players are in the U17 national team.

U19 national trials is next month, and it is evidence that you need to be atleast 1 or 2 age group better, as just being "in your age group" isn't enough for being good in table tennis.
Taiwan have for years have top players who are 2 or 3 or 4 age group better (think Lin Yunju who was mens team at age 14 or Kuo Guan-Hong at 13)

Wu Jia-En was pretty sick going into the match up and had to blow her nose every time she was back at the coaches corner.
Liang had to take advantage of this but still had to hold up against the tougher opponent.

Liang uses short pips on the BH side while Wu is a two wing inverted players.

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