Which Butterfly Blade for Offensive Play with Rozena

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Sorry to be the party booper here, but...
I have a Korbel and an Innerforce ALC (not the ALC.S) and I personally think the Korbel is way faster than the Innerforce ALC.
I was very surprised, because the butterfly blade matrix says otherwise.

I recognize your problems with the Korbel, the feeling can be a bit too direct and the ball shoots off when you try to play passively or when you try to absorb a fast attack.
In an open rally, it is absolutely fabulous indeed.

I can tell you I don't have those problems with the Innerforce ALC, or with a Donic Waldner Senso carbon to name another inner carbon blade.
If you're having trouble to master the Korbel and you aren't able to fix it with training and working on your technique, it could help to pick something slower and see from there. You can always go faster again later...
It is my personal opinion that Innerforce ALC is less direct and slower than Korbel, although not true according to the butterfly blade matrix.
A Primorac all wood could also help and doesn't cost the same amount as a carbon blade.
ALC.S is going to be much too slow I think.

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Mar 2022
Ok so you're a 1100 FFTT, the old 60 rating. Carbon composite blade is maybe too soon for you, but yeah the Korbel might be a bit slow for you now. The Primorac OFF- is even slower than the Korbel, but the Falcima or the Maze Advance are nice options, I've tried and really liked both blades (ex 1200/old 55 FFTT/1600-1700 USATT or TTR). For carbon if that's what you want, the ALC.S is slower than the Korbel, while the Innerforce ALC is too much fast. If you really want something carbon in between, go for the Donic Waldner Senso Carbon, or the Ultra Carbon version