Who was the first singles world champion using long pips ?

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Sep 2022
so we get no clue which event it is?

It was the individual singles event (not teams) at a World Championship.

(Until 1999 I believe the team event & individual events (singles, doubles & mixed doubles) were held at the same time every two years. The first week was teams. Second week was individual events, Before that the championship (Team & Individual) was held every year, which was actually quite impressive for tabletennis given that (air) travel & logistics etc were not as easy or well developed then as now & obviously one can make a case for hardbat tabletennis being more popular.
After that (as is now) the WTTTC event is being held in even numbered years (like in Chengdu starting in a few days) and WITTC is held in odd numbered years.

The ITTF meeting was called BGM then (Biennial General Meeting ) held during the World Championships.
It is called AGM (Annual General Meeting now) obviously held during the World Championships every year.

There is also another meeting type called the EGM (Extraordinary General Meeting) which can be called if some matter(s) are urgent & need immediate attention.
Only such thing I know of is the EGM 9I think) at Durban in 1998 to pass the Aspect Ratio Reduction regulation. I think this failed miserably (if I am not mistaken , as a rule change not regulation change at 1995 Tianjin BGM) . I think a relentless Scholer initiated the secret EGM in 1998 & passed it as a regulation instead of as a rule by the closest of margins like 19-17 or something. Regulation changes require only a simple majority 51% vote of executive council ONLY but rule changes require 75% vote of the general council of 226 or so member nations. And I think this is how Scholer also cleverly passed the 2004 Pip Distribution Density Reduction change of 2004 & 2008 Frictionless pips change, as regulations , though they are actually rule changes if you think about it.

But this year 2022 , they will hold the AGM not during the world championships but during another event called ITTF Summit but I do not know what this is all about (or as to whether they will do it like this every year) . This year it is in Amman , Jordan in Tuesday December 6, 2022

And it has been over 3 weeks after deadline for submission of propostions & nominations (September 6 2022) but ITTF still has not released them yet.
It is as if they are hiding it from being discussed at Chengdu & almost two months before AGM LOL Talk about transparency.
I think ITTF should have a bye law about this (such as release the documents 2 monthe before or something for public & open discussion about submissions....right now it is in a cloud of secrecy).

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