Nexy Rubicon

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  • Bouncy
  • Fast + Control
The Nexy Rubicon is an amazing blade. Weighing at 84 grams, the blade feels light and not head heavy. The one is used for half an hour was with a Nexy Karis Hard on the forehand and a Stiga Airoc Astro on the backhand. The blade has a very good finish. In fact, it has the most comfortable flared handle among all the Nexy blades I have tested so far. The neck, the size and the smoothness all contributes to the comfort when gripping the handle. The surface is medium hard and the overall stiffness is medium stiff with some flex. The blade is fast, more or less teh level of a Startus power wood but the control is much better. When I tried the Karis H in the forehand, the set up seems very bouncy so for people who want soem control I would suggest not to use any medium hard or hard ESN rubbers. Probably a 38-39 degree dhs rubber would be perfect because it isn't not too bouncy. I would choose medium rubbers for this like Rakza 7 or Joola Rhyzm-P