Sanwei T-88 Taiji Plus

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Lighter version of the T-88 rubbers at 61 grams uncut. The topsheet is not your typical Chinese rubber which is shiny. The Taiji has a matted topsheet for both black and grey. The new, bright, pink sponge has bigger pores compared to the last version of T-88 which was a yellow sponge. The rubber is slow at all+ speed but very spinny.

The topsheet is slightly tacky even with the black version. Spin is high despite being slightly tacky and produces a medium to high arc.

Speed is only a bit faster than the T-88 light rubber. If compared to other rubbers, the speed of the Taiji is a little bit faster than LKT XP Pro or a little bit slower than Ritc 729 Higher. This is a beginner to intermediate level rubber. Take a bit of effort to spin and needs a proper technique to play with. It can chop defensively and push with high amount of spin.

It is not as spin sensitive like the PF-4 nor feels as hard as Hurricane 3.