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  • Hi Dan, enjoyed your recent review of the Aruna Off blade. Was interested to know whether you think it would pair well with tenergy 05?


    Hi Dan,

    I was wondering about the new Tiago Apolonia ZLC. Great review!! How is it compared to the Timo boll spirit? Speed, control, short game and does the ball stay longer on the racket?

    Best regards
    Hi Dan. Excellent page and excellent reviews (very deep and informative). I'm from argentina and I use Timo Boll ZLC (Tenergy 05 on FH & BH). Can you make review of the Timo Boll series? Especially ZLC vs ALC. I couldn't find video reviews for ZLC and I want to know the differences with the ALC. I'm not confortable with the ZLC has a huge speed for me and I can't felt the ball on topspins (especially on BH) also I can't control the touch play with this blade. I don't know if it is a issue on my technique or I can do better with an ALC or other carbon blade with more feel and control. I've never had the chance to try an ALC blade and I don't want to waste my money

    Thanks in advance
    Hi Dan. Were you at World Cup here in Halmstad Arena, Halmstad, Sweden. Were you here one day or both? The janitors that worked with WC, setting the floor, tables and all that. They said that it was really much work for so few matches.
    Did you attend in the VIP-pub above the court?, we sat drank a couple of beers and grabbed a meal. And later on Jörgen Persson and Liu Guoliang with a translater talked in front of the Vip`s...Liu was a funny guy. What stroke me was his english...he have been travelled around the world for like 20-25 years and still cant talk english. Have you noted that?

    After the tournament ended my work-pal drove Ovtcharov (and his swedish girlfriend to Copenhagen. He got the Donic t-shirt that Dimi played with. Now he wants to sell this shirt. I was going to post a photo but the board says insert url when i want to attach a file? Anyway, it is ok to sell it here?

    Thanks for a good TT-site! Regards Ulf Beckman
    Hi Dan, it's a wonderful experience watching your reviews & posts. I'm also in London. May I know where you play around?
    Hi Dan
    Thank you for the t-shirts.
    I'll aim to wear them in future videos and some matches
    Kind regards
    Hi Dan, I post the "Belgium first league 2015/2016" in the wrong category... Can you please change this, and put the post in the league category ? Thank you, TTBTV
    Hi Dan
    Nice to meet up.
    ill let you know when I'm at the next tournament so I can buy the shirt off you.
    Keep up the great work
    ps is there a Facebook page for the forum?
    Dan, one more thing, Did you visit grand final at Bangkok last year? Did you get shirt from Mizutani jun?

    I am not sure i have ever see you or not.
    Hi Dan,
    I am from Thailand, i have seen your trip in Beijing., that is awesome trip for me, especially the new National team gymnasium.

    So i have a plan to visit Beijing ,, woulud you mind to tell me Where the national gymnasium is placed?

    Thank you for reply
    Hi Dan! Why isnt there so much info about the Stiga Maplewood? And why dont you write about Rakza7 ? Anyway I want to know what you think about those and if you recomend the Rakza on Infinity VPS?
    Hi Dan,

    Could you change the banner? It's National Championships, not National Games. National Games is a multidiscipline event held once every four years, just like Olympic Games and Asian Games. Chinese National TT Championships on the other hand is a single discipline game held every year except on the year the National Games is held. Hence, the last National Games was held in 2013 while the last National Championships was held in 2012.
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