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  • Hey fella - long time no see!

    Not selling it, but you're welcome to give it a try if you like? I can send it to you. I've got my hands on some of the Zenon ZYC as well, but not tried them yet. They look like a nice option for people wanting a JM-ZLC or something like that.
    khóa h?c ch?ng ch? k? toán ? tphcm t?t nh?t
    t?i cty ke toan ha noi uy tín
    b?n c?n tìm khoa hoc ke toan tai bac ninh ch?t l??ng
    l?p h?c k? toán th?c hành ? tphcm
    khóa h?c k? toán cho ng??i m?i ?i làm
    t?i trung tâm k? toán hà n?i có t?t không
    h?c k? toán th?c t? t?i hai bà tr?ng
    Wow - thanks mate! I'm definitely interested. I've ordered the Virtuoso Carbon, so would be great to compare them side-by-side. Keep in touch!
    tán di?n tích h?p thu mà chi bao ph? trong ph?m vi vài th??c. T? xa nhìn

    l?i, xung quanh V??ng Lâm, xu?t hi?n m?t cái vòng tròn màu ??, bao l?y

    c? ??u c? long.trung tam ke toan tai binh duong hoc ke toan tai dong nai hoc ke toan tai hue Trung tam ke toan tai tu liem trung tam ke toan tai quan 3

    Thoáng cái, V??ng Lâm ng?i ?ó ?ã ???c n?m ngày.

    Trong n?m ngày ?ó, quái nhân v?n ??ng ? d??i ng?ng ??u lên theo dõi.

    Th?i gian trôi ?i, s? lo l?ng c?a h?n càng lúc càng nhi?u, gi?ng nh? pho
    Where do you get M3 for £23?
    Does Bluefire vary in quality? I am convinced that the M2 on my BH is 'faulty. There is an area on my rubber that whenever a ball hits it, the ball just falls off as if it was a wet spot. Also the rubber overall feels not as lively as the M3 side.
    Hi mate!

    Way back, I used hard, tacky FH rubbers. G666, G888, H3, etc. Relatively recently I changed (when Tenergy arrived, if I'm honest). After the BTY price hike, I must have tried every tensor going for my FH. I liked Rakza 7 Soft, but M3 was a real eye-opener to me at the time because I found that I could play pretty much any of my FH strokes and be effective - drives, brushes, anything. It was the first time that I felt I could mix my old tacky FH stokes back into my game. It was super-spinny high throw, without loads of the tensor bounciness.

    Tensors have improved again tho. I'm using Omega V Pro now, and it's amazing (if a little sensitive to spin). I would happily go back to M3 though. It's cheap (£23 a sheet), lasts a decent length of time, and effective.

    I have to agree with you - my FH is probably 100% weird. :)

    Amazing deal from TeesSport on the TBS. It's not like them to ignore the opportunity to empty your bank account. Must have been a slow day!
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