1. Dignics 09C on a Boll Spirit?

    Hi all, i was just wondering whether anyone has tried using Dignics 09c on a Timo Boll spirit as i would like to try it but would like some opinions before hand. Thanks
  2. Backhand change Dignics 05 to 09c or.....

    Been using D05 for a little while on my backhand and looking for a bit more bite on the ball but also need to be able to block, punch and topspin drive Anyone got any ideas or made the change or have any suggestions of anything else. I had even though of going softer Chinese maybe if it had...
  3. Dignics 09C for sale

    Dignics for sale. Only used for 3 hours pretty much brand new in terms of performance. Slight tears on the edges. £45+postage and packaging shipping from the U.K. please DM ,if interested.
  4. Xiom Omega 7 China Ying and Butterfly Dignics 09c Comparison Test

    XIOM OMEGA 7 CHINA YING VERSUS BUTTERFLY DIGNICS 09C I thought I was going crazy buying the Butterfly Dignics 09c just to test it side by side with the Xiom Omega 7 China Ying but here I am posting this review. I will be comparing these 2 with other rubbers as I go along with the...
  5. Dignics 09c vs hurricane 3

    What's happening guys? We're out of lock down... you asked for it so here it is! Butterfly's new Dignics 09C rubber up against the most popular table tennis rubber in China, DHS’s Hurricane 3! In this review we use our new TTD rubber rating system so you get a better idea on how both rubbers...
  6. MOG's D09c Thread: Now Closed

    HEY CRAZY FOOLS!! Butterfly have not just invented tacky rubbers with Dignics 09c!! Ever heard of Hurricane, or Battle 2 or Sanwei Target National or Palio Thors or a really fast one is Nittaku Hurricane and then there is Big Dipper!! ;);););););)
  7. review and comparison; bluesponge hurricane 3 vs dignics 09c vs 37 degree hurricane 3

    hey guys, Another gem here from emiri. Video review of blue sponge hurricane 3, dignics 09c and red 37 degree hurricane 3 Wonder where she got her hands on that 37 degree red hurricane 3
  8. Dignics 09c review

    I only tried it on FH. 1. Is heavy but not as heavy as 05h. Initial impression: (unboosted) 1. The rubber is alright, the short game feels like h3 but in top spin to top spin rally it lacks both spin and speed. The throw is high and the kick is not strong. It's unimpressive to say. T05h...
  9. DIGNICS 09C | 5 Things You NEED To Know

    Hey guys, Here's my latest review of the Dignics 09C rubber by Butterfly! Unfortunately there’s no practice footage in the is review due to the lockdown but rest assured I've tested thoroughly. Interesting rubber this one, looking forward to hearing how you guys found it. See you in the...
  10. Butterfly Revoldia CNF and Dignics 09C reviews

    Just came across the YouTuber Y.Y Link who has some reviews of Butterfly’s new products. The review of the Revoldia CNF is also a comparison of the Viscaria blade. If anyone could translate that would be great.
  11. New Tenergy Rubbers! Tenergy 05N and Tenergy 09C

    I just posted this in the new equipment 2017 topic, however thought this was worth a topic of its own. Looks like Butterfly have two new rubbers coming out! Found info here - http://www.old.ittf.com/stories/pictures/LARC_2017B.pdf Has anyone heard about this rubber yet? Let the speculations...