1. Why do the table tennis rankings on the home page date back to 2016???

    Why do the table tennis rankings on the home page date back to 2016?
  2. Why I think Jun Mizutani, not Ma Long, was the real star of the 2016 Olympics...

    Ma Long won 2 gold medals and secured a career grand slam so it's easy to see Rio 2016 as THE MA LONG tournament. But I disagree. I think Jun Mizutani was the real star. In the singles event Mizutani reaches the semi-final where he faced the aforementioned Ma Long. What. A. Match. Ma goes 3-0...
  3. The story of Ma Long: Age 5 to 28

    Here's the story of the current world number 1 table tennis player Ma Long from the age of 5 to 28! The journey so far... 5 years old Ma Long started at the mere age of 5, his parents introduced him to the sport as they felt an injury-free non contact sport was good for his health. Ma Long...
  4. "Crowds" at the WTTTC 2016

    [ this post is a follow-up about the amount of people attending table tennis tournaments, which some people were mentioning in another post about the Chinese WTTC Trials ] I had the chance to attend the last World Team Table Tennis Championships in Kuala Lumpur. It was exactly 1 year ago. I...
  5. Why is Zhang Jike not listed in Men's Feb/2016 Ranking???

    Hey guys! Have been looking the Men's February World Ranking, and noticed that Zhang Jike is not listed! Jun Mizutani now is ranked as the #4, as Ovtcharov as #5, Wong Chun Ting as #6, and the ranking goes on... Any idea of what could have happened? Maybe he really retired?! At least...
  6. samsonov equipment's 2016 - 2017

    good night to all TTD members does anyone know what samsonov uses in recently competitions ?? does he still with force pro black ?? also the rubbers ? :rolleyes:
  7. Ma Long's first training session after Rio Olympic Gold 2016

    A cool video of Ma Long's first training session back after Rio Olympics 2016!
  8. SLOVENIA - BELGIUM European League 2016-2017 Coach Angle

    More Great Table Tennis ? YouTube : http://bit.ly/TTBelgiumTVYoutube
  9. Li Xiaoxia and Zhang Jike Equipment 2016

    This is gold.
  10. Best of 2016 - tribute

    Here's my tribute video with the best points of 2016, hope you'll like it.
  11. Top 10: Best points of chilean players 2016

    In this post you will see the best points of chilean players in the year 2016. All the point were played in official competitions: Latin America Olympic Qualification, National and University tournaments.
  12. Fan Zhendong's Bayi Crowned Champions Of The 2016 Chinese Super League! (VIDEOS)

    The Chinese Super League concluded today on the 31st December 2016! The grand final took place between Fan Zhendong's Bayi and Liang Jingkun's Bazhou! Full results and videos below: Fan Zhendong in exquisite form! Today marked the force of the next generation of youngsters as Fan Zhendong and...
  13. Happy New year 2016!

    TableTennisDaily would like to wish you all a Happy New Year! Thanks for all your fantastic contributions to the website over the last year. We have a lot in store for you all in 2017! Have a great evening!
  14. Everything you need to know about the 2016 China Super League FINAL!

    The Chinese Super League final takes place today on the 31st December 2016! The spectacular final is between Fan Zhendong's Bayi Liang Jingkun's Bazhou! Stream and schedule below: Fan Zhendong ready for the men's final! Today is the rise of the new generation as youngsters as Fan Zhendong and...
  15. 2016 best moment for Ma Long and Ito Mima was kinda savage !!

    In an official ITTF video , Ma Long best moment was winning against JYS and seeing him CRY. Ito Mima on the other hand won some title with a very nasty net ball and and delved into celebrations without saying a word to her opponent.
  16. Ma Long & Xu Xin crash out of the 2016 China Super League!

    The Chinese Super League semi finals took place today on the 30th December 2016! The first semi final saw Xu Xin's Shanghai take on Fan Zhendong's Bayi. The second semi final saw a feisty battle between Ma Long's Shandong Weiqiao and Liang Jingkun's Bazhou! Full results below: Ma Long -...
  17. Top 10 Table Tennis Rallies 2016

    Hey TTD, here is my selection of the top 10 rallies of 2016. It was a fantastic year. I have included a poll. What was your best rally of 2016?
  18. Review of My Best Points in 2016

    2016 is the year of table tennis for me. I have had the opportunity to put in some time to explore the sport. I had the privilege of receiving some training with my team mates and improve my skills. While there are ups and downs throughout 2016, I was continuously reminded to give thanks to God...
  19. 2016 Butterfly NA Teams Tournament

    Some matches between some 2600-2800 players on the #1 team and some 2400-2500 players on the #3 team, who defeated the #2 team the prior night. The #2 fought valiantly but fell inevitably even if courageously. Some matches I recorded which may interest people: Ruichao Chen vs Tahl Leibovitz...
  20. Year in Review 2016

    2016 was an amazing year of table tennis, full of epic shots, points, tournaments and many champions were made. Ma Long proved he could be a champion on the world stage winning the Olympic Games. Fan Zhendong won the World Cup capturing his first major world event. Emmanuel Lebesson won the...