1. China National Games 2021

    Hello I've just created this thread to talk about the upcoming China National Games. All the players did a physical test to enter to the event. I don't know anything about the schedule and the draws. Hope some of you have more infos to share
  2. World Table Tennis Doha 2021 | Seeds & More

    World Table Tennis (WTT) continues next month with the introduction of two events in what is known as the Middle East Hub. The inaugural WTT event in Macao introduced a new format and presentation of the sport along with some rule changes. There was the first ever international best of 9 match...
  3. World Ping Pong Masters 2021

    Hi All, For anyone interested in the hardbat stuff, I'm posting this here as a favour to Stephen Baggaley. NB I'm not sure the link will work if you're not on Facebook :- https://www.facebook.com/134722436573700/posts/3759822080730366/
  4. Results from international top leagues 2021

    Hi everybody - and a happy new year to all of you! :) International ITTF events are now on a break for the next few months, but luckily many top players are still engaged in league play all around the World. I will try to post running results from some of the World's top leagues here - like the...
  5. Stiga new blades for 2021

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xJAos_WcDFk 1-3 LGL blades Green handle inner carbon blade 1300rmb one after the green handle- cow year blade carbonado 45 gold- viscaria gold vibes xuxin gold
  6. New Equipment 2021

    Hi TTD members, a new year is closing in and hopefully we will get some more time at the table. This thread will be for all new equipment that will be released in 2021. Let’s keep the thread updated. Looks like that Butterfly will be coming with a new blade soon. :) Probably a Franziska Inner...
  7. ETTU Champions League 2020/2021

    ETTU Champions League December 11th to 18th. Düsseldorf, Arag CenterCourt Due to the worldwide Covid-19 pandemic, the plans of the premier class to play them over the period of a season with numerous trips within Europe, as in the past, were discarded and the idea of ​​a tournament format...
  8. Simon Gauzy vs Wang Xi | German League 2020/2021 no side changes

    https://youtu.be/Zrt7dQVTDvQ I was watching this match and kinda felt something was a bit odd, then I realized that over the 5 games they never changed sides. Is this different from country to country or even competition to competition ?
  9. Breaking USATT 2100 Feat. Tokyo 2021 Olympian

    An awesome weekend of TT that you won't wanna miss I promise. It has coaching, tournament play, match analysis, and more! https://youtu.be/CvRkoKJURGw
  10. Question about Stiga's Clipper Surprise in 2021

    Hi all In one of Stiga's facebook post, dated 14 Oct 2020, Stiga says "Clipper Wood was first released in 1981 and we have a surprise coming for 2021." Has there been any news about what it could be? Its not the new CRW VII being sold in China is it? :confused:
  11. Chinese Warm Up Matches | Tokyo 2021 | Highlights

    The Final: Wang Chuqin vs Liang Jingkun Semi Finals: Fan Zhendong vs Liang Jingkun Wang Chuqin vs Xu Chenhao
  12. ITTF event's schedule 2020-2021 reduced to the singles, without the doubles/

    https://timesofindia.indiatimes.com/sports/more-sports/others/doubles-mixed-doubles-unlikely-in-tt-this-year-ittf/articleshow/75749921.cms Mr.Weikert's expectations sound unduly optimistic.
  13. ITTF/Sportsmaster Announcement 2nd July 2018

    2 July For the past two weeks leading up to this day there have been a few posts on social media from ITTF and T2 declaring a groundbreaking announcement which would "Shape the future of Table Tennis." An agreement between the ITTF and Sportsmaster (a new company founded by Frank Ji, CEO of...