1. Stiga action roller table.

    We have one at my office and the table is OK'ish but the net is horrible. It's permanently attached to the table and not changable. I would love to put another net on there. Anybody have any experience with this ? Cheers L-zr
  2. Out of Town Trouble Makers in ACTION @ Chinese Team Tourney

    Like the title sez, TROUBLE MAKERS are up to the trouble making ways... This time it is a Sacramento Chinese Community celebration that includes a TEAM TOURNEY of 4-5 players per team with SDSDS format. This thread is the official Build-Up and general catch-all smack-tack game face thread...
  3. Andrzej Grubby's international tournament, best league action

  4. Tournament in Poland, great action 1 league

  5. Recent Fang Bo action vs Daniel Gonzalez

    Very cool to see top players in a club environment. Great effort by FB's opponent. Looked him up and he has an impressive playing history. Point at 32:00 amazing
  6. Young English Gionis in action (I wish) lol

    Here is a video of me having a best of 3 match with my team mate. I cannot remember if I've posted this before (I know I uploaded a training video). This was not a full on match, neither of us were at 100% more like maybe 70% as we were coming to the end of a hard working session. This was...
  7. The jurassic man in action

    So I put my stone-age phone down and filmed some video of me ****ing around at the school's table with a friend, because something felt terribly off in my shots and I couldn't put my tongue on it. Today wasn't a bad day per se, but let's just say I wasn't running on the best amount of sleep and...
  8. Chinese National Team in Action in Shanghai

    Following the success of CNT's outreach program in Bejing University in October, CNT once again reached out to college students in Shanghai. On December 3, they visited Shanghai Jiaotong University. On December 4, they went to Shanghai University of Sports. Members of CNT including Wang...
  9. New Commentator in Action!

    So we have a new ITTF commentators. I'm not to sure when Jonathan's début was but I believe it was the recent Men's Team World Cup 2011. Over the last few years of surfing the web about table tennis I have seen a lot of complaints about the commentators used in the ITTF live streaming. So It...