1. Prime Age

    Generally speaking table tennis. At what age do athletes/players reach their prime? Both in Amateur and Pro. I personally think it is 23. The reason being is that the sport is fast and needs a lot load of focus/mental game.
  2. What can i do to get my chops lower

    I’m a long distance chopper with long pips on my backhand and inverted on my forehand. Whenever i play matches and i get a shot to my backhand, i notice that they are way too high and short giving my opponent an easy smash. My forehand chops are fine but if there is a way, please tell me how i...
  3. Simon Gauzy training at the age of 11 in CHINA!

    As you do, browsing around YouTube, just stumbled across this gem! Rare footage of Simon Gauzy training at the age of 11 in China! You can see the amount of feeling and control he had at the age of 11! See for yourself below:
  4. Playstyle in veteran age (40+, 50+...)

    Which playstyle is efficient amongst 40+ and 50+ years old category? And about racket setup? Pips (short, long), antis, regular rubbers? I am talking about regional or maybe national level.
  5. Average age of top-20 table tennis players: do you think it has risen or declined?

    Hi guys I had this idea already for some time that the average age (with exception of Harimoto ofcourse) in table tennis is rising. Players can play longer, was my impression, and keep on producing very good results (Timo Boll and Samsonov are of course great examples for this). It gives me...
  6. Timo Boll de movie (Young Timo through the years, starting at age 4)

    An oldie, but never saw this one before.
  7. Timo Boll will return to ITTF World Ranking #1 at age 37

    You may know that Roger Federer returned to ATP ranking #1 early this month, at age 36 after 5 years since he was ranked #1 last time, the eldest #1 in the history of ATP rankings. As all matches that count for ITTF world ranking points are finished after an exciting Team World Cup, we have the...
  8. Who has Harimoto Tomokazu defeated since the age of 11?

    Hi guys, I was talking with Adam Bobrow yesterday, when Harimoto was 11 how many players did he defeat in the top 100 in the world? We wasn't sure if it was just jens Lundqvist and Omar Assar or more? If anyone has a list of who Harimoto has defeated in the top 100 since his debut on the...
  9. What is the peak age for table tennis players?

    With 36 year old Timo Boll moving back up into the world top 5 in the latest ranking list and Samsonov at 41 still hovering around top ten, I was wondering what age table tennis players reach their peak and how long they can maintain it? It seems like non-Chinese players normally play at a very...
  10. The story of Ma Long: Age 5 to 28

    Here's the story of the current world number 1 table tennis player Ma Long from the age of 5 to 28! The journey so far... 5 years old Ma Long started at the mere age of 5, his parents introduced him to the sport as they felt an injury-free non contact sport was good for his health. Ma Long...
  11. How do you find out release date for rubber, general age?

    There is something that has been really aggravating me and I'm now opening a thread to find out who knows what about, how do you find the release dates for a rubbers? Its so annoying checking out a new rubber just to find out there are reviews from back in 2009 and you never heard about it. I...
  12. Table Tennis - Dawn of a new age

    This is a video about the China's domination :
  13. What age does your club accept players at?

    As the title says, what is the minimum age that your club accepts players at? Maybe under 5? Or under 7? Under 10 perhaps? 11+?
  14. [Video] Table Tennis - Dawn of a New Age

    Hi everybody, feel free to enjoy my new video, best done in full screen, HD and a good sound system (otherwise you might miss the "little things" :) ). Comments and Co. are welcome :) If you want more - there is another thread with all the videos already done :)...
  15. BBC: On the ball - Can a brain scan and table tennis reverse the effects of old age?

    On the ball - Can a brain scan and table tennis reverse the effects of old age? "To improve my attention span, he also suggested that I take up table tennis - a co-ordination exercise to boost activity in my cerebellum, the region of the brain that...
  16. Age group cut off dates?

    Hi guys, Could someone tell me what the cut off dates are for the different age groups? For example if someone was 12 y/o in the under 13's what month of the year would determine whether they go up or stay in under 13's for another year. Geez, hope that makes sense. :rolleyes:
  17. Chuang Chih Yuan - Player Profile

    Name: Chuang Chih Yuan Nationality: Chinese Taipei Date Of Birth: April 2, 1981 Height 1.67 m (5 ft 6 in) Weight 60 kg (130 lb; 9.4 st) Photo by: Manfred Schillings Current World Ranking: 7 (Since July 2013) July 2013 World Rankings found here Career Update: Chuang Chih Yuan is a right...
  18. Dimitrij Ovtcharov - Player Profile

    Name: Dimitrij Ovtcharov Nationality: Germany Date Of Birth: September 2, 1988 Height 1.86 m (6.1 ft) Weight 74 kg (160 lb) Photo by: Streeter Lecka/Getty Images Current World Ranking: 6 (Since July 2013) July 2013 World Rankings found here. Career Update: Dimitirj Ovtcharov is a right...
  19. Timo boll ... coming of age ... literally

    Here is a video posted by my table tennis club ( Top Spin ) in face book ... it shows the video of Timo growing up .. hope you guys enjoy it ... text of the original post in face book : Please find a fun and interesting Youtube video on Timo Boll's Career which shows him starting to play at 4...
  20. what age did you start playing tt

    what age did you start playing tt I started when i was 11 and ive been playing for a year