1. Collecting blades .... good or bad?

    Hi all, Since i got back into table tennis in 2015 and i was thinking more about equipment than about playing really, and i felt like it is no longer about to play but how much more i can get or collect, so i don't know if this is good or bad thing as a human nature mostly like to have more and...
  2. How exactly are those ITTF highlights made? The quality is so bad!

    When you stream from, the quality of the video is good. The ball can be seen clearly, also I believe the video is at least 30 fps. When you stream from TV Tokyo youtube channel, the quality is equivalent with the one from The highest quality is 720p50...
  3. Backhand Topspin : Bad Case for Elbow For Beginners, There are Major Issues for Backhand Topspin. I also was a beginner a few years ago, and this is the record of me to overcome these issues.
  4. FS Three old Joola blades - too bad for ccollectors, to good for firewood ;)

    Asking price is 75 Euro plus postage (between 8 and 15 Euro, depends where and how)
  5. Jan-Ove Waldner Bashes ITTF over Ball Change

  6. How to play with a bad feeling player

    Hi guys. There are some players with no ball feeling. They give us poor and bad balls. And I cant play well for these balls. How to deal with that?
  7. So bad lose against a veteran player (Match Video) What should I improve?

    Hi! I'm alpay and I recorded a match which is the finale of 4th league of a veteran table tennis club. (I'm on 4th league because I started this year on playing veteran club league.) I lost badly to this veteran and I want to ask you what are my errors and what should I improve on my technique...
  8. Why do these events suck so bad with every year getting worse

    I never heard of so much BS noise in any of the previous events. At least in previous years it wasn't as bad as some retards banging on drums. Even though any audience can do noises if they want, but they should have some rules on making unbearable deafening noises like that. But that's not...
  9. I am good at training matches but I am so bad in competition

    Hi, I am very good at training matches. I can play very well and it's hard to beat me at training matches for my opponents. But in real match, I lose easily like 11-4 or 11-5. But I always beat the same guy 11-3 at training matches. How can I solve this problem? I want to solve this problem at...
  10. Multi ball with Celluloid balls bad idea?

    I am just wondering if it's a bad idea to do multi ball training with Celluloid balls. Like what are the negatives? I still have my training celluloid balls from before I stopped playing TT which I used for multi ball. I want to know if I need to really invest in the new plastic balls or if I...
  11. why europe sucks so bad?

    the clubs stop now and they don't come back until mid september. and when they do train, they don't really train. they drink beer, they sit down and chat..... it's like people have so little motivation. opinions?
  12. Donic vario clean bad in tropical countries?

    Yesterday i used donic glue to glue my rubbers. first i applied glue in a zig zag pattern. when i used the sponge piece to spread them evenly it got sticky and glue started make rolls and things that made the surface uneven. Because of this after i paste the sheet i could observe unevenness on...
  13. Ma long never as BAD...dd.d

    Ma Long’s skills are better than mine, no matter is it in his first three strokes, or changing between attacking and blocking: D: D
  14. Changing style to avoid bad habits

    Hi, I've just read about Ádám Pattantyús. Before table tennis he played tennis. His coach recommended him to be a defender because he had some bad stroke habits from the tennis, especially on the bh side. What do you think, it would be a good idea to suggest to learn a different style players...
  15. Are the quality of stiga products good or bad? (thinking of buying a blade)

    I have seen many people complaining about the quality of Stiga products, saying it splinters after you take off the rubber or the blade chips really easily. How true is this actually? I am trying to find a new blade and I thought Stiga had heaps of blades to choose from. Can someone please tell...
  16. Is it bad to have 2 different rubber thicknesses on a blade?

    I'm an amateur table tennis player and I'm assembling my first paddle.
  17. Do Not Use Nittaku E-zip, it's really bad @_@

    As title said... Nittaku ezip is really strong, and unlike finezip/andro wbg/(good wbg), it sticks incredibly strong (like alteco rubber). My boost TC sponge ripped around 0.2cm right in the center of the rubber... FML !!!
  18. Andro blades.....Good ? Bad ?

    Hi all Ive had a very brief chat with a international level TT friend who said they would never ever recommend Andro blades Didnt get chance to ask why Anyone else have particular views on Andro equipment, both good and bad? Thanks Andy
  19. Why do Chinese rubbers smell so bad?

    I recently purchased DHS Hurricane 2 and 3 and they smell really foul, I've also ordered 729/Friendship rubbers before with the same stench. Is it to do with the gluing process between rubber and sponge?
  20. My Bad Jun Mizutani Serve

    tips/suggestions are really appreciated :) and can anyone help me on how to do a slow topspin on my serve i can disguise my no spin and chop well but when i add topspin it kicks off and its easily discovered that its topspin thx guys :)