1. Club in Beijing

    Hi guys new ere, I'm off to Beijing for a few weeks. Is there any clubs I can attend? Any open clubs that have some open nights I can attend? Thanks, Simon
  2. The story of the German Table Tennis team at Beijing 2008

    Occasionally bumped into this video -- amazing story, don't forget to turn on the subtitles.
  3. 4 of The Worlds Top 6 Players Not Competing In Singles Event At The 2016 Olympic Games!

    4 of the world's top 6 players not competing in singles events at the 2016 Olympic Games! Is it fair? Who's really to blame? Left to right Xu Xin, Zhu Yuling, Liu Shiwen & Fan Zhendong - Photo by: IITF/ITTF Flickr! It's been over a week now since the names of who will compete in the men's...
  4. Looking for a tt venue to play for fun in Beijing in Jan 2016

    Hi there, I am going to Beijing for about 10 days between Jan 8th-18th, wondering if any chinese TTD user, maybe someone who is knowledgeable about Beijing can give me a few pointers to a tt venue (or club) in Beijing where you can rock up and play someone without a partner. I just want to...
  5. Table Tennis is Beijing

    Table Tennis in Beijing Hey Guys, while normally posting (well to be exactly honest: usually I don't post a lot since mostly I am not logged in, but I'm lurking around here quite a bit) from the east of Germany, today my location is the big capital city of China (and therefor maybe the capital...
  6. Ma Long's Beijing Stumble Out Of The Semi Finals At The Chinese National Games!

    Today on the 3rd September 2013 the Chinese National Games team event semi finals took place. In the first semi final saw Hao Shuai's Tianjin take on Xu Xin's Shanghai. Ma Long's Beijing took on Wang Hao's Pla in the second semi final of the day. Full results below: Men's Team Semi-finals...
  7. Zhang Jike Lost To Wang Liqin & Xu Xin At The Chinese National Games 2013!

    The Chinese National Games is now well under way with the team event being the first to take place. Today on the 3rd September 2013, the first two matches from the quarter finals of the team event begun in the Liaoning Province of China. Zhang Jike's Shandong took on Xu Xin's Shanghai and Ma...
  8. Tuttle Beijing 4 any good ?

    this Tuttle Beijing 4 rubber (it is a new one from Tuttle) seems to be something rather nice as an alternative to the too expensive stuff and seems to play not like the hard tacky Chinese rubbers. at you can buy them now for less than 20€ ! Anybody tried these ? Info ?
  9. China leave Beijing for Werner Schlager Academy today! (Pictures)

    Yesterday we announced China will prepare for the World Team Table Tennis Championships 2012 at the Werner Schlager Academy (WSA). Today on the 16th March 2012 players and reporters posted photos on their Weibo accounts of players leaving Beijing to head to Vienna for training at the WSA! For...
  10. Beijing are Chinese National Team Champions! (VIDEOS)

    Beijing are the Chinese National Team Champions! The ever so strong Bejing team defeated Shanghai by 3 matches to 1. On the 13th October 2011 saw Beijing's strong man team including Ma Long, Hou Yingchao and Yan An defeat Shanghai's Xu Xin, Wang Liqin and Shang Kun. Videos and report below...
  11. Jackie Chan TT ad from Beijing Games!

    How cool was this ad :)