1. 'To boost or not to boost'?

    Hi everyone, I'm a little confused.. It is said that most chinese rubber work best with chemical boosting. Can we use boosters and still compete at ITTF approved trounaments? Is it allowed? If not, is their any chinese rubber (for the forehand) that functions well even without chemical...
  2. Equipment price in Taiwan and how to boost H3Neo with organic glue.

    I am in taiwan now and I was shopping some tt equipment in a taiwanese online marketplace called ruten and there are a lot of different tt equipment (european to chinese) and I bought a 250ml haifu dolphin for 100ntd (3.5USD), along with other things (cj8000 fast and light pro version 260ntd...
  3. Best WBG to boost

    I'm looking to buy 1L WBG to boost the rubbers, I want to know your experience about what WBG is the best to boost the rubbers?
  4. Duration of factory tuning of T05

    Rubber factory boost over time It is possible that I may not be able to play for some months. I have two new Tenergy rubbers to apply to my blade which are sealed in their original packaging. Is there any point in me exposing them to the air and applying them to the blade if they are only going...
  5. What happen if you boost a t05 hard as soft as t05?

    I'm curious, i know for a fact that a t05h boosted as soft as t05 doesn't play like a t05. Anyone tried it? If so share results.
  6. Nittaku Hurricane Pro 3 Turbo Blue - Boost or No Boost?

    So I was scrolling through when I noticed about the DHS-Nittaku Hurricane Pro 3 Turbo Blue in the online shop. It shows that the rubber is composed of the tacky topsheet of Hurricane 3 and a modified Japanese blue rubber. If I plan on having this rubber, should I boost it or is...
  7. Do you need to boost Xiom rubbers?

    I recently bought the new Xiom Omega VII Asia. But I wonder if I should boost it with Falco Tempo Long Booster?
  8. Boost with Seuss - A Sports Interrogation Video

    A little something inspired by the boosting discussion on certain other forums... ;)
  9. Review H3 Neo BOOST/TUNE

    Review H3 Neo BOOST/TUNE
  10. BOOST/TUNE Table Tennis Rubber So Easy With BABY OIL

    BOOST/TUNE Table Tennis Rubber So Easy With BABY OIL
  11. Should I boost Donic Barracuda?

    Should I boost Donic Barracuda on my Waldner Senso Carbon?
  12. Boost Yinhe Big Dipper (fast enough?)

    Hello must i boost The Big dipper? In 38 and 40 degree or is IT fast and lively enough, i think i will boost IT With 1-2 layers haifu, is this Good? Thank You very much
  13. China Tensor (boost?)

    Hello i want to test China Tensors Do somebody Know this rubbers, must i boost These rubbers to soften up the Sponge and get enough speed or Are These rubbers fast enough Like a esn rubber to Loop kill ? 1) Xiom Tau 2) Xiom Vega China 3) Yinhe Big Dipper (38 degree)
  14. Quick way to Boost Chinese Rubber

    Hi ... I was in hurry so i decided to do a quick boost of DHS Tg2 Neo Blue sponge . First i apply first layer of booster (baby oil ,cause Falco long was not available in the moment) directly to rubber (it is containing layer of glue by default) ... after 4 hours of dry i apply second layer of...
  15. Boost side effects

    Hey Guys, it's off season and that is the time to try out new things for me and for many other. I got me a boosted Victas V 15 Extra and the Andro Rasanter in the R47 version. I played some sessions with my new blade and the Victas got some bubbles on the topsheet. My questions is: Is this...
  16. Joola RHYZM and Stiga BOOST cheaper than online!

    Hi All, We are selling Joola Rhyzm and Stiga BOOST TP at a special price of £29.99 each reduced from £49.99! Message me for more information or to purchase of you can buy directly from our website. Thanks!
  17. Pro players that don't boost

    I' ve recently read the following Airoc's post in the " Samsonov equipment" thread: "... he - according to a pro player source - does not boost" It came as a real surprise to me and I thought that this kind of information deserves a thread on its own ( just because I like gossiping about stuff...
  18. Should we apply a glue layer before boost?

    Hi guys ;) Should we apply a glue layer before the glue layer? I've seen so many vids of people aplying booster after a glue layer, but only on chinese rubbers. Do that rule only aplies to chinese rubbers? It' because where I play, all my mates say to apply booster first and only glue after(I...
  19. Boost - How dry?

    Hello! Im wondering how dry the sponge should be before gluing? I tried boosting with baby oil and waited a couple of days now. It is not wet but it is a little slippery when touching the surface (it is not a rough surface like unboosted). Is it ok to glue it?
  20. Several exciting articles about game rules and their applications !

    Hello :) ! Several exciting articles about game rules and their applications... There: What's your opinion? Julien